Online Dating Dilemmas

Last weekend I went back to the online dating sites.  It’s really bizarre to me that we’ve come to this – swiping right or left – judging people on their looks and their quick bios.  What I’ve found is that it’s exhausting on a lot of levels.  Does anyone else have these issues?

1.  He ages in his profile pictures at a ridiculous rate – for example, first photo shows young, good looking man, but by the 3rd photo, he’s aged 10+ years.  What is that about?  Don’t you think that if we meet I’ll be expecting you to look like your first photo and not the last one?  Come on…be honest and own how you look and who you are.

2.  Horrible nicknames that are inappropriate.  Do you really think that I’m panting with desire when I see your nickname of bigpenees?  Did you think that I didn’t get that you were calling yourself big penis?  Or how about the creep who, in his profile, asks if you want to see his turkey baster because (I’m guessing?) he thinks he’s being cute around Thanksgiving holidays? (Yes, I did delete both of them immediately.)

3.  ‘I’m a generous lover’ and ‘I am looking for my partner in crime’ are frequently quoted.  What does that mean?  Generous lover?  And who wants to be your partner in crime?  Your partner, yes?  But how ridiculous ‘in crime’?  Are we knocking over a bank after our date?

4.  While I think you’re cute and I like that you’ve already swiped right for me…answer me this!  How can you like me when you live 100 miles plus away from me?  Do you really think we’re going to date when it would take hours to see each other?  Seriously?  Why bother?  Am I being lazy?  Or are you just swiping right on everyone to see what happens?

5.  And what’s with all the shirtless selfies in the bathroom mirror?  Or the height/weight facts?  Are you secretly hoping we women will do the same?  Or do you think we should be impressed by your pecs?  Can’t we leave a little mystery?  I can see your toned body through your tight t-shirt.  Believe me, that’s way more intriguing because then I get to fantasize about getting to the passionate point of taking off your shirt and that’s way more fun!

6.  Sometimes when I read what men say that they’re looking for I have to take a deep breath and get off the dating site.  Because that perfect woman doesn’t exist for your pleasure unless you’re maybe paying her.  You’re not ordering from a take out menu that lets you specify what you want and don’t want.  In fact, what I want to know is what you’re bringing to the relationship?

7.  You “claim to be a good listener but I don’t want to be a crisis manager in your life.”  Well, frankly, I wasn’t asking for that…but I’ll say that it shows what baggage you’re still carrying around.  And what’s with the ‘swipe left for drama’ comments?  I sometimes have to wonder what kind of girls you’ve been dating since you feel it’s so important to mention this stuff?

8.  Catfish – I suspect you when you only have one photo, a short bio and you’re incredibly good-looking.  And when you reach out to me, I don’t take the bait.  Because there’s not enough substance there for me to believe you.  It’s a shame because some photos and bios have piqued my interest, but who knows who’s on the other end of the profile.  Has that happened to you?

9.  Please don’t text me and then vanish into thin air.  Mid-conversation you ghost and poof!  You’re gone like the wind.  Well, that’s fine.  No worries.  I just think to myself – Next!

9.  I appreciate your honesty.  But when you say you’re separated, to quote Randy Jackson, That’s gonna be a no from me dog.  Or the couple seeking a girlfriend because they’re polyamorous?  No thanks.  And what’s with all the sapiosexuals?  I had to look up sapiosexual meaning (a person who finds intelligence sexually attractive or arousing) to figure out what it was.  While I like the idea of sapiosexual, I think I need a bit more than only your mind, at least at first, before we grow old…

10. The saddest part of all is this: we’re all just looking for a connection and a relationship.  Someone who will be there for us and vice versa.  But I really don’t think swiping is the way to find it.

Am I feeling a bit jaded?  Yes.  Does anyone want to offer some advice because I’m not doing this that long and I am already tired of it?  Tired of men I’m not interested in sending me strange messages and the ones I may be interested in not sending me messages.

I miss the good old days when meeting people was easier, we didn’t have so much baggage and people met naturally and not so superficially.  Don’t you?



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27 Responses to Online Dating Dilemmas

  1. I don’t know what it’s like to find a mate/date like this, but I’ve heard a million horror stories from friends who have tried it–and ONE success story. A friend met someone a couple years ago and they are going strong. She had been alone for a few years and wasn’t willing to compromise her morals/integrity/boundaries just to have a warm body and/or companionship. If you ever meet a real, authentic, heart centered man, let me know and I might give it a try! xx


    • janieleeds says:

      Well, Rosebud, so far a big fat NOTHING has come from it. And I’ve heard horror stories myself so I’m just trying it for now as a lark because to be in it with heart seems premature considering all the crap that goes along with it. I think the online dating scene gets weird because people can hide behind the keyboard and say things that hopefully they’d never say in real life face to face. That’s the scary part that I just don’t understand. I think online dating is for the birds – but since I’m flying solo, I thought I’d give it a try because you never know what good could come of it! 🙂

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  2. Oh Janie you have given me the best smile on my face for days 😁 I remember the dating site so well, the site owners even asked me to write a blog for them every week lol. I chose a dating site for the over 50s even though I got emails from the 30s!

    I met my husband who lived 300 hundred plus miles from me yet we met and eventually married. I’m not a believer in the swipe left or right sites. I preferred getting to know someone online initially, not too long, a few weeks then a meet for a coffee to see if we clicked. Honestly Janie in and amongst the men on dating sites little gems are waiting to be found, just like you are. Anything worth having takes time. But remember just as there is no such thing as the perfect woman neither is there a perfect man! Always here for you 🌹

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  3. LA says:

    Great post. And you’re right…very easy to be jaded. Fyi…the third picture is the guy you’ll see…


    • janieleeds says:

      I figured out the picture thing after awhile. It was just annoying to me to have to wade through till the end to see how he’s aged. I hate feeling jaded. It’s not my personality to be wary or to dealing with shenanigans. Thanks LA. Hug that hubby closer today. It’s slim pickings out here when you’re online dating.

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  4. Letitgocoach says:

    We can still meet people face to face, but we have to leave our comfort zone. Go to places that interest you, and if the timing’s right you could meet someone. Even if you don’t, you’ll be someplace that brings you joy. ❤

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  5. TJ Fox says:

    Look at it this way, they are weeding themselves out right away so you don’t have to meet them and then find out they are that same person, but to your face. Can you imagine having to try and get out of some of those situations?! I think I would really struggle if I had to date today, but I’d still go the online route if I did. Probably because those people tend to be pretty upfront with their crazy/lazy/ugly personalities. Those that are decent humans, I’m actually going to get a change to know on a completely different level than in person meetings allow. Yes, it is crazy and sometimes daunting, but… can be worth it.


    • janieleeds says:

      Thanks TJ! I am just wading through as I am sure they are as well. It’s interesting how you can see red flags from certain comments and those people, I am staying clear of at all costs! 🙂 And yes, I hadn’t thought about the meeting in person and realizing so yes, this online thing keeps the distance. You’re right!

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  6. bone&silver says:

    Don’t do Tinder, that’s for the young folk (most of whom still look good & fit, and basically YOUNG!). Try OKCupid, or e-Harmony; search for ones for the ‘older’ age bracket. Don’t give up Janie; have some fun, try not to project too much, keep doing fun things in real life too (Book Club/volunteer/hiking group etc etc) & see what the Universe offers you 🙂 G x


  7. Honestly, I don’t think I will ever do online dating. I just don’t think people are genuine. Good luck to you on your journey FAR AWAY from narcissism!


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