I’m Blaming It On The Woo Woo

It’s been rough here lately which is why I haven’t been online.  My computer decided to act wacky so I’ve been deluging it with anti-virus programs which then messed up the websites, emails and even netflix.  It’s not been joyous here.  But I think finally I’ve gotten it working again, no thanks to Mercury Retrograde nor the full moon.

Still, I’m feeling depleted by the energetic moon, planet realignments etc.  Perhaps you think I’m loony in writing this, but I assure you, I’m not.  Many of my friends who are sensitives are feeling it too.  A general malaise and trouble sleeping due to the stresses I’m under at this time are making me feel sick to my stomach and causing migraines.

Taking back the ex to court weighs heavily on my mind along with still single parenting two college kids who are having anxiety issues.  Add in I had to call pest control this morning because there are mice in my walls – I can clearly hear them scratching in one area – blech!  I’m just feeling worn out these days.

So in case you’ve been wondering what’s going on with me, here it is.  One highlight though is that there have been moments of inspiration that have led me to start writing what I think may be an online course or perhaps a book.  Who knows?

There are so many people out there who are feeling lost and I’d like to help.  Divorce and single parenting isn’t easy to navigate alone.  I know that from experience.  I think all this woo woo is giving me even more intuition and inspiration as it flows.

I know this post is all over the place, but thanks for reading.  I’ve missed reading your posts and hope to catch up sooner rather than later.  I’m sending you all a hug.  Are you feeling the woo woo too?

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10 Responses to I’m Blaming It On The Woo Woo

  1. I agree moon affects me too 🌚 I think you could write a great book which would help lots people 🌹


  2. Create Space says:

    Go for it Janie, sounds great! Xx


  3. Yes I most definitely am. There is something funny in the air. I am used to observing patterns but I can’t work this one out. Last time I was in school the teachers were complaining that the children were all over the place.


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