Follow Up To Starbucks Guy

Let me know what you think of this date…

I checked to see today if he’d confirm our date, but there was no notice.  So I just showed up at 2pm at the appointed Starbucks.  I walked inside and he was there.  He wasn’t young nor dark-haired like his profile photo nor was he the longer grey haired and bearded ones.  Nope.  Short grey crewcut with goatee.  Ok.  Whatever.

He’s seated at a table already with a large tea.  We hug awkwardly and I sit down and then realize that I have nothing to drink.  So I excuse myself to get a coffee.  He’s seated so he can look out at the plaza and the people walking by.

I return and we begin to talk.  I’m there for 2 hours with him and he tells me all about himself, hardly ever asking me anything.  He proceeds to tell me that he’s truthful on his profile.  Uh, no you don’t look like your profile photos because they’re dated, but ok.

Then he asks how long I’ve been divorced (one of the few questions he asks me), and when I ask him, he tells me he’s not divorced yet.  It’s only lacking a signature from the judge, but he’s still married.  Strike 2 because on his profile he says he’s divorced but there’s no date for the divorce yet.  Strange.

For two hours I feel like a therapist until I’m tired and I’m done.  This guy is still holding onto his wife having left him six months ago and he has many unresolved issues that are coming out over and over.  I’m just glad he has a therapist.

So I tell him that I have to go.  He asks if we could meet again.  “Sure,” I reply because I want a quick getaway and when I’m off the site in a week he can’t contact me.  As I’m walking away, for an unknown reason that I can’t figure out, I turn to him and say, “Good luck tonight.”  I don’t even know why I say this to him, but his shocked look hits its mark.

“Did I tell you?”  He keeps looking at me like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Tell me what?” I ask, wondering what I’ve stumbled onto.

“That I have a date tonight after you.”  I smile laughing to myself.

“Well, you just did.”  I wave and walk out.

I sure hope the dinner date goes better than our date because he didn’t even offer to buy me a coffee.  Imagine what he’ll do at dinner? LOL!


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13 Responses to Follow Up To Starbucks Guy

  1. OMG was wondering what happened. Well, look at all the progress we’ve made – better to waste 2 hours than 2 decades, huh? Good for you and your psychic ability, too!!


  2. LA says:

    Trial and error….you need some practice dates!


  3. Elaine says:

    Personally I wouldn’t give him the time of day again, how rude not even offering to get you a drink! 🙈


  4. TJ Fox says:

    Well… it could have been so much worse. Does that help? Ha! That was actually pretty bad. I’m glad you just agreed to something that wasn’t guaranteed to drag on longer. I made so many mistakes like that early on and those are some of the worst.


    • janieleeds says:

      I actually find it a good practice for myself and it was interesting to hear his side of what he’s experiencing. That’s why I’m trying to keep them to an hour-ish meet for coffee instead of a meal that would require more time. And yes, I know it could have been much worse! 🙂 haha

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  6. Dwight Hyde says:

    That’s awesome…hah🤣


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