Women Of A Certain Age

I guess I fall right into that category of women of a certain age.  It still amazes me that I’m here at this point in my life in 2020.  Frankly, I don’t know where else I’d be anyway, but it certainly doesn’t feel right that I’m here.  And yet it does.

Because at this age, I have more clarity and wisdom.  I have had all kinds of varied experiences and weathered some remarkable storms.  Most of us who are in this middle age group have had similar experiences or have walked through those experiences with friends and family.  I haven’t met anyone who’s gotten to this certain age who’s not been affected by life changes.  Do you?

Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, I am different from my younger self.  Divorced I am different as well as I know more about love and relationships than I did in my 20’s.  While I don’t like certain changes, I know they are inevitable and I am Embracing Life’s Changes with as much grace and dignity as I can muster because that’s who I am.

I’m tired of fighting the aging process, but I am not willing to go down without some sort of sustaining energy to keep myself young at heart and mind.  I can’t change the c-section scars or any of the other ones I have earned through life experiences.  To me, they add character and are a testament to what I’ve lived through in this lifetime.  While not everyone might find them attractive, I have accepted them and find they add a sense of I lived through this confidence within me which some may find appealing.

What I cannot change, I will embrace.  But what I can change or heal or help myself with, I will do step by step with love.  For myself.  Because I’m worth it.

That’s how I’m feeling in 2020 and it feels good.  It’s exciting.  It’s evolving.  It’s healing.  It’s helping me to be even more:  Authentically 50 – Embracing Life’s Changes!





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4 Responses to Women Of A Certain Age

  1. LA says:

    The only constant is change….just do you!


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