A Quiet Sunday

I have a mile long to-do list, but instead I’m sitting here writing.  I will really have to get started on the paperwork that I have let pile up this week, but that can wait.  Because I need a few quiet minutes to myself.  As any parent knows, we just sometimes need quiet time alone to relax, to decompress, and to just be.

I’ve been alone without a partner for a few years now.  I’ve grown accustomed to having the bed to myself and to making my own schedule as much as I can with the kids.  But because they both drive and dinner is our meal together, I have some freedom that I never had before now.  And I like it.

I often wonder how if/when I met someone special, how he’d fit into the new freedom I’ve been enjoying.  I imagine that it would be an interesting change that I would probably like, but I’m in no hurry.  I like ‘lazy’ Sundays when I can read, watch TV, cook and just relax with no place to go.  I’m one of those who can stay in my lounge clothing all day on a Sunday and never shower because I don’t have any place to go.

Sundays have always been my favorite day because of that, especially now that there aren’t sports or activities that the kids have to go to and I have to be there.  The day of rest as my Mother used to call it.  Tranquil Sunday mornings always beckon me with the promise of a good home-cooked meal shared in the evening after a day filled with relaxing.

So what are you doing on this lovely Sunday afternoon?


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20 Responses to A Quiet Sunday

  1. lovebug1323 says:

    Today I’m all about cooking!! And catching up on a good book 😊


  2. LA says:

    I went to a movie, and now I’m in stunned silence over the death of Kobe, his daughter and their friends….


  3. Ainsobriety says:

    I love Sundays.
    I meal prep my lunches and a few dinners while watching sports.
    Today was the pro bowl and basketball, which included a lot of sadness of the death of Kobe and his daughter and the other people on the helicopter.

    I’m also obsessing over the China flu situation…I’m trying to be ok, but it’s got me worried.

    All in all an ok sunday. I’m still in my around the house clothes too. I should have gone to yoga, but I woke with a headache and decided it was a no.

    Have a great weeek!



  4. I love getting my weekend chores all done on Saturday so that I can do what I want when I want on Sundays. If it wasn’t for work coming up on the horizon on Monday then Sundays would be my favorite day lol.


  5. Create Space says:

    I’m glad you get important self-care time Janie! We attempted to travel to Newbridge Silverware to see their “Doris Day” collection https://visitnewbridgesilverware.com/doris-day
    But it wasn’t to be as Emma’s anxiety overcame her half way there. This is our second attempt. We have planned a third attempt for next Saturday as the exhibit closes on Monday and in a month or two the Doris collection goes up for auction. Emma documents some of her struggles with anxiety (in which school bullying played a role) and her fight to make access rights for psychiatric assistance dogs recognised in Ireland on her IG account, Dorismakesmyday and her work to train her golden retriever, the first such psychiatric assistance dog in Ireland, who she called ‘Doris’ after Doris Day.


    • janieleeds says:

      Oh my goodness Marie! Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry that Emma’s anxiety overcame her and I hope that she can go see Doris another day. I love learning about the ways in which we can help those with anxiety, but I’m sorry to hear about the bullying…that’s unacceptable behavior and I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it is for Emma and for you as her Mom. I will send prayers that the third attempt is the charm and allows her to see the exhibit! ♥
      I will check out your blog post…thank you for including it! I love when you share! xo

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      • Create Space says:

        And thank you Janie for your heartfelt response which is really appreciated! Emma’s anxiety was always present but was underlying and undiagnosed and we just muddled along but persistent bullying and particularly being singled out and excluded have caused her a lot of pain and upset. However, all behind her now she dusts herself off and is focused on her campaign to ensure Psychiatric Assistance Dogs gain equal status to that already available to Guide Dogs for the Blind and My Canine Companion’s Autism Dogs. All this with the support of her Golden Retriever Doris who will we hope be the 1st recognised Psychiatric Assistance Dog in Ireland! I hope you and your boys are well! Le gra, Marie xx


      • janieleeds says:

        I can’t wait until you announce that Emma and Doris have succeeded! Got them in my prayers with fingers/toes crossed for luck that it all goes smoothly and quickly! What an amazing campaign to strive for and to succeed for herself as well as the many others who need them! Le gra Marie xo

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      • Create Space says:

        Please God it will all work out Janie! Thanks for keeping us company!! It makes the journey all the brighter! Xx


  6. TJ Fox says:

    I try to keep my Sunday’s lazy as well. Lately we’ve been doing the grocery runs so Hubby can go with me rather than me doing it during the week, but otherwise we usually keep them free. Even when we do things, we sit in bed most of the morning drinking coffee and just relaxing. It is one of the many things I love. We both really enjoy that time and find it important.


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