I’m Teary Today

It’s a drizzly day here so maybe that’s the reason.  Maybe the gloomy weather has me down.  Maybe it’s that there has been a lot of sadness in my life lately as three people passed away.  Not directly related to me, but close to me all the same.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting a head cold.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to help so many people at once.  You see, I’m a good listener and I feel like I’ve been listening non-stop as lives wind down around me and those who are left are wracked in grief.

I’m grieving too, but it’s not about me.  It’s about them, the ones closest to the deceased.  And so I’m there, day or night, feeling like I can help is some small way by listening and holding them with a loving heart.

But sometimes it takes its toll on me.  I forget to not allow their grief to become mine. And so it goes.  Here I am.  Like a stone sinking today, but knowing that tomorrow begins anew.  And I’ve got plenty of chicken broth in the cabinet to warm up and comfort me.

Chicken soup, good for the soul, good for a cold, good for what ails me.  Campbell’s soup in a can calls which is good enough and that’s all I’m asking for today…good enough.

I’m home today.  It’s good enough.


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12 Responses to I’m Teary Today

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Ah Janie. Wrapping you in a big warm hug🤗. Sending you much light and love my friend. This is your time to take care of you❤️


  2. I’m sorry you are under the weather in all areas! How about trying some miso soup with its antibiotic properties…


  3. The V Pub says:

    Soup, white wine, a couch and re-watching Casablanca works, too. I hope that you’re feeling better.


  4. TJ Fox says:

    Sounds like you are overdue for a little self care time. Indulge in whatever makes you feel warm and happy and joyful. Give your mind and emotions a bit of a break for a while. So sorry you are going through this. *hugs*


  5. You’re giving so much Janie, that you need to stop and give back to yourself. Nourishing self time would be my recipe, but you will find your own. Take care 🙂


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