Navigate Healing Through A Breakup

I think after we’ve gone through a break up, we sometimes find ourselves in victim mode and feeling sad for ourselves being in our predicament.  We mourn the loss of love and what he/she meant to us.  We mourn the loss of the hopes and dreams we’d kept alive in our hearts.  There may be a feeling of betrayal (or actual betrayal) which keeps us stuck in that story that runs in our heads of not being worthy enough for the other person to make the effort to stay together and work on the issues at hand.

And you need to go through the mourning phase.  That is for certain.  But then there comes a time for a reality check in which you can see the big picture of what’s happened in the relationship to have it end.  You find clarity for what it really was without the rose-colored glasses of love clouding your view.  You become aware of your role in the relationship and its subsequent demise.  And those can be really hard to do because sometimes we live in this hopeful romantic state of bliss and when it ends suddenly and we are cast out alone, we feel like we’re drowning.  Because it’s not easy to look at the bigger picture alone.  It takes help.

So, help is here for you.  With intuitiveness and friendship, here I am at the ready to help you to see the whole situation as it is with heartfelt understanding.  You are not alone, but instead you have a hand to hold here.  I’ve been through it and I understand as do many others who blog.

It takes work, the inner work of healing to navigate the days and nights after a break up.  Your choice to want to heal from the situation and ignite the inner wisdom that comes from the experience is a crucial first step in the process of your healing journey.

Are you ready to heal?


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10 Responses to Navigate Healing Through A Breakup

  1. LA says:

    Healing can be so hard…and we never heal in quite the same way…

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  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    I so appreciate your support Janie allowing me to open up over my divorce🤗

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  3. Pradnya says:

    This hit hard. My ex just broke my heart and ended things yesterday without so much as an explanation and only had a old hard look on his face. Right now, I am juggling this and the stress of my uni just starting amidst this pandemic and honestly its killing me.
    I am stranger in this new country and I have no friend on whose shoulder i could cry on to heal…so i dont know what is to be done…

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