You Are Not Your Story

You are not your story that you retell in your head.  You are more than that story, those circumstances and that experience.  No matter how painful it has been, there is more to you than what you’re seeing.  You are an infinite being with limitless possibilities at your disposal if you could get out of your story.  And how do I know this?  Because I’ve been where you are in similar circumstances.

We don’t all have the same experiences but the similarities and the feelings of being bereft after a break up at their core are the same.  And that makes universal understanding from a loving heart possible.  It also allows for shared healing.

We all have our own separate paths, different personalities, and unique experiences.  We know our own stories verbatim, but they are ours and so we tell them from our own point of view which sometimes can be skewed.  How could they not be when it takes help to see the bigger picture and to gain insight from seeing our story from other points of views?  While we cannot know what our partner is thinking, we can see actions which relay perspectives to a point.  And in that break up dance and how it unfolded and how it evolves after the break up, we can put the clues together to a point.

But it’s not about our ex partner after a break up.  It’s about our journey of healing.  Because we’re in charge of ourselves and how we use our free will is important.  It’s a personal choice to heal and one that you make for yourself.  But you have to be ready.  You have to consciously choose to discover and to engage in the deeper healing.  You need an open mind to understand yourself and others.  You are the one who will be making the effort day in and day out on this journey.

What do you get from all of it?  Peace.  Tranquility.  Love.  Healing.  Understanding.  A greater sense of self and a gratitude for the experience, for it brings you to a different place in your life.

There’s a garden outside the walls of pain.  Do you want to walk with me?  I can show you the path.


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6 Responses to You Are Not Your Story

  1. Pallavi says:

    I was drawn to your post by the subject line. I love both the topic and your message. Certainly you are YOU, in spite and because of your story. Still, you are not just the story.


  2. Create Space says:

    I so agree with you Janie that “It’s a personal choice to heal and one that you make for yourself. ” You’re crafting a wonderful path…

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