Peeling Back The Layers

Lately I have been meeting people who want and need to peel back the layers to get to the heart of what’s going on beneath the surface.  Because when you don’t deal with your emotions, they fester and come out as bursts of anger or not feeling focused or in complete apathy.  Or they manifest into anxiety or focusing issues and can even develop into panic attacks.

It’s that jumble of unprocessed emotions that often are spiked by a trauma or memory of a trauma that lurks beneath the surface.  Those childhood beliefs that we’ve somehow adopted as our own even if they were passed down to us by other generations of people who weren’t knowledgeable and were only following what they thought was right.

I think those beliefs are the hardest to dissolve because there’s a loyalty aspect to them that the child in us has trouble disobeying even when we are adults.  We hear that parental voice in our heads and even though the belief can be skewed, it is law because it was repetitious so it stuck.  But it doesn’t have to remain.  We can release ourselves from beliefs that aren’t our own and adopt what we believe to be true for us.

That is a choice we can make as an adult.  It may take courage for you to do it, but you can.  You have the power to live your own life as you see fit.  Especially now at this age.  Goodness, if we don’t start now at 50ish, then when the heck will we break out of the limiting mind prison?

If not now, then when?  Because I hate to remind us all, but tomorrow is promised to no one.  Why not begin today?

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2 Responses to Peeling Back The Layers

  1. LA says:

    I’m all about getting to the layers. To peel back and evaluate is to grow


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