New Gym Trainer

I’m back to the gym finally.  Two days a week with the personal trainer (semi-private).  I have a new one and she’s great – very even keeled and pushes me gently so I’m seeing tiny positive results.  Tiny, but I’m feeling them which encourages me to continue.

I started taking semi-private personal training sessions with a friend.  It feels like a better training when we do it together because she’s really competitive and we love to laugh (as does our trainer) so it makes it all the more fun.  We’re both women of a certain age (read over 50 years old) as is our trainer, but she’s in amazing shape so we have a goal – at least look similar to the trainer!  LOL

I wear a fitbit which helps to keep me moving.  I’m a little competitive myself, but only with myself, if that makes sense.  I still haven’t gotten up to 10K steps a day like I used to do, but that’s coming.  At least I like it when it vibrates so I know to get up before the hour is up and walk a little when I can.  Progress, that’s the key.

I was always someone who stood up straight.  Maybe it was the years of ballet I took as a girl, but slumping wasn’t an issue for me until later in life and certainly it increased when my life as I knew it blew apart.  But with the exercises I’m doing in the gym, I’m becoming more aware of my posture and while my abs are still not completely flat, they are flattening again and I’m noticing my balance and stance is better.  All good things!

I still haven’t fully kicked the bad habit, but it’s lessening which is good.  I can’t seem to quit more than a week at a time, but at least that’s happened a few times since I last wrote about it.  Maybe this will be more encouraging now that I’m back to the gym.

Anyway, just thought I’d give an update because I haven’t talked about it in awhile.  I never thought I’d like those weight lifting machines and TRX things, but I do!  And I really like to plank!  Who knew?  LOL

I hope you’re having a great week!



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10 Responses to New Gym Trainer

  1. The V Pub says:

    I think it’s wonderful to train/exercise with another person. It’s fun, and keeps you honest. Best of luck to you.


  2. LA says:

    Straight arm plank of bent?


  3. Dwight Hyde says:

    Excellent, Janie! Keep it up my friend.


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