Trying Out Plant Based Vegan Food

So this friend of mine is a plant-based vegan and has been for awhile.  We hadn’t seen each other in a long time and she suggested we go out to lunch.  I was excited because I love spending time with her and was looking forward to being a lady who lunches (LOL) for the day.

So when she reminded me of her healthy eating and told me about a restaurant that she wanted to try that was halfway (distance) between our homes, I wanted to support my friend so I agreed.  I’ll admit I was tentative because I’m a carnivore, but I figured I could find a salad and that’s healthy so it would be fine.  Not to mention I heard my mother’s voice in my head joyously cheering that I was going to eat more veggies!

Much to my surprise though, when I took a look at the menu, I was stumped.  There were foods on there I had never heard of – nooch, tempeh, spelt and tofu.  Well, I had heard of tofu, but I’d never had it.  I guess it sounds silly that I had never heard of nor tasted these ingredients before, but I hadn’t.  And there were foods on there that sounded outrageous – beet burger? coconut bacon? sunflower taco meat? cashew cheese sauce?  Have you ever heard of them?  Do you eat them?  Are they good?

After scouring the menu at home, I found a portobello mushroom ‘cheese’ steak item that I thought looked like something I might like so I agreed to meet her at the restaurant.  But guess what?  They were out of that item so unfortunately, I didn’t know what else to get!

We each ended up ordering a griddled millet flax bread sandwich – hers was an avocado mash with nooch sprinkle and mine was with seared marinated tempeh and coconut bacon because we wanted to share.  For dessert, I asked for something chocolate and had some cacao peanut butter bar which was so totally rich beyond my dreams that I could only eat a few bites because I was too stuffed.

The flavors were unreal and I tasted things I had never tried before so I’m happy.  My friend was happy too and was grateful for me getting out of my comfort zone.  I’m glad I went with her, but the stomach issues I had afterwards haven’t been so pleasant.  While she is used to this type of meal, she also was sick to her stomach so I’m wondering if we got food poisoning since we shared the same meal and both had digestive issues.  Then again, it could just be coincidence.

Let’s just say that I’m glad I went and supported my friend and tried new foods.  While I won’t be returning to that restaurant, there’s another one she wants to try so maybe in another month, I’ll venture out of my comfort zone again.  In the meantime, we decided our next lunch outing will be somewhere that has salads for her and food for me.

What’s the point of this post?  I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone on every level.  And I’m happy that I lost a few pounds (ahem) by lunching with my friend!  Gotta always look on the bright side!

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5 Responses to Trying Out Plant Based Vegan Food

  1. I’m so proud of you! BTW, “nooch” is slang for nutritional yeast and that MIGHT be the cause of a digestive issue, but I wouldn’t stop trying to eat plant based foods because of that. I’ve been vegan since 1970 (as you know!!) and am excited for you to step into my world. Tempeh is wonderful, so is tofu. There’s nothing better than a homemade lentil/black bean veggie burger, in my opinion. If there’s anything portobello on the menu, that’s what I get. Looking forward to hearing how your next vegan adventure is!
    PS It’s graphic but if anyone would like more info about not eating animals, Mercy for Animals is a wonderful resource.


  2. LA says:

    Good for you getting out of your comfort zone!


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