Adding Some Resilience To College Kids

I was raised by strict parents who didn’t put up with any nonsense and I learned resilience by being in that atmosphere.  At least that’s how I see it now that I’m older and we’ve been in this ongoing quarantine situation.  Well, maybe my whole life has been set up so that I’ve learned the skill of resilience and not to expect that:  what I want, when I want it, I’m owed it because I exist.  That was never part of my life.

Did that come out harshly?  I hope not, but I’m finding that there are some people who lack resilience and I think this quarantine situation is a great way to learn the much needed skill.  In general, my kids are good, but sometimes I have this urge to tell them to ‘man up’ and get over their whining about the situation that we’re in.  Because nobody wants to be home 24/7, nor do we want to have to figure out how to get food, groceries and toilet paper while not catching the virus while we’re at the essential grocery store.  Not to mention, the added financial stress that we’re under and the worries that we don’t share with the kids because we’re the parents.

Have you ever seen that Snickers commercial?  The one where the person turns into a monster because they haven’t eaten and the other person gives them a Snickers bar and they become nice again?  That’s how it is here with one of my kids right now.  And if he would eat chocolate or nuts, I’d gladly buy bags of Snickers for him if it were that easy!  Here’s a giggle for you in case you don’t remember!

Are you having some challenges with your college students being at home too?  Please don’t let me think I’m all alone in this!



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9 Responses to Adding Some Resilience To College Kids

  1. Funny you should post about quarantine with college kids. Must be something in the air. I just posted about my adventures with my Son. He’s not whining though, quite the opposite. He’s quite content. Once his school work is done, he’s gaming. Getting him to do anything is the challenge.

    Love the Snicker analogy. Stay strong. This too shall pass. When however is the question.


  2. LA says:

    I must admit my daughter has been mostly fine. Adjustment at first because she reverted back into “child” mode….but she’s snapped out if that….


  3. Create Space says:

    Thank God for Whats App, Facebook etc., it’s keeping our son in touch with his friends and girlfriend. He misses them all and said he found adjusting very difficult for the first two weeks but he’s settled into the flow of things now. He is like a breath of fresh air around our place, helping out with jobs and it was great he was here on Friday, when Juke, their childhood pet, had to be put to sleep. John has learned a lot from the impact of bullying which helps him keep this challenge in perspective. If it’s any help Janie, I recommend you zoom out, focus instead on your goals, leave your young adult to figure this out, just trust in his inate ability, repeat that to yourself, see him flourishing in your minds eye, and guess what, it will happen. I know, it was our situation back in 2018! Xx


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