Looking For Binge Worthy Shows To Watch

I need a new series to binge watch.  Please.  Any and all suggestions would be helpful.  I have Netflix and just finished Sweet Magnolias.  I’ll admit that by the end of the first 10 episodes (when it ended with a cliffhanger), I had grown to love all of the characters and their relationships.  It’s easy to watch and almost like a Hallmark movie, but not quite.  It deals with many different relationship issues and some of them, well let’s just say, they were close to home.  Some situations were similar to mine at times.  I thought it would trigger me and maybe in the beginning it did, but I’m glad I stuck it out.

Now, I need a new series to watch.  The kids and I are watching Peaky Blinders during dinner and while that took some time to get into as well for me, I like it.  I don’t like the occasional gory aspect, but I’m finding it interesting.

I watched Dead To Me awhile ago.  It was ok.  Good for mindless TV watching while doing something else.

I loved Scott and Bailey and binged that incessantly until it was done.  Two female detectives in England with lots of incredible dialogue and friendship.

Grace and Frankie was a good one as well although some seasons seemed like there were new writers.  What I liked about it was the relationship/friendship bond and how they all were able to overcome the situation.

I also binged Grand Hotel about a year ago.  That was in Spanish with subtitles, but I was enthralled.  If you can understand Spanish or don’t mind reading subtitles, it was a good one.

What do I want?  I like historical stories.  I like a little bit of romance.  I don’t like scary stuff, nor the paranormal, nor anything with blood, guts and gore.  No mystery thrillers that will keep me from sleeping either! LOL. I like relationships, strong people who overcome hard times.  Inspirational, but not preachy.

I saw Little House On The Prairie the other day on TV.  I caught a few episodes while I was cleaning.  It reminded me of when I was little and we would watch it every week with my Mom while she painted her fingernails.  That was for nostalgia, but I don’t need to revisit my childhood.

Have you seen any of the ones I mentioned above?  What are you currently watching?  Have you any suggestions for me?

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21 Responses to Looking For Binge Worthy Shows To Watch

  1. scr4pl80 says:

    Did you watch “The Crown?” How about “Downton Abbey?” I am in love with “Sherlock” the series with Benedict Cumberbatch. Loved “Grace and Frankie “too. “Hell on Wheels” is good too. It tells the story of the building of the railroad in the West. “Scott and Bailey” sounds good. I’ll have to look for that one.


    • janieleeds says:

      Hi Janet! I did watch The Crown and Downton Abbey! :). I forgot to say those in my list…thanks for the reminder. I will put your suggestions on my growing list! Yay! You will like Scott and Bailey – let me know what you think of it! 🙂

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  2. The V Pub says:

    Man in the high castle was wonderful. It’s kind sci/fi mixed with history.



  3. J Parzych says:

    My family enjoyed Bletchley Circle, Kim’s Convenience, and Schitt’s Creek.


  4. Mischenko says:

    I would recommend Ozark, The Last Kingdom, and The Outsider, but there’s definitely blood. Yellowstone is another, but it’s on Amazon. All favorites though which are definitely binge worthy.


  5. L. Rorschach says:

    Ozark and Fleabag are awesome.


  6. How about Wanderlust and The OA? Anne with an E is 3 seasons of whimsical historical fiction, LOVED Unorthodox.


  7. I had a post I think a week or two ago about binge-watching and some great shows! Orphan Black? Sense 8? Ozark? Mad Dogs? Have you seen them? The Following, the Killing….I have a list somewhere!


  8. Yup, Scott/Bailey amazing, after that I watched Endeavor on Prime, really love cerebral Brit shows.


  9. Great post! I enjoy watching shows on Netflix and these are some great recommendations :))

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