Broken TV

So during the middle of the quarantine, our internet starting acting up.  Internet speeds slowing ridiculously and sometimes even dropping out completely.  It came to a screeching halt during the college kids’ exams so we decided to change providers.  Because of the quarantine, they came to do the outside work, but the kids (because they’re so technically advanced) were able to do the inside job of setting us up.  They were thrilled because they’ve been bugging me for months.  So I figured it was their job to do the inside install which they did great.

Last Friday I had a technician come to install it properly (not how I had draped the cables across the walls with blue painters tape).  The worker wasn’t professional and entered my home without a mask.  I had to tell him to go put one on.  That was his first strike.

Second strike was that he left a mess with all the wires he was cutting.  How do you not take those bits and pieces with you?  He cut through the floor/carpet to get through to the basement and left all the wood chips/carpet mess there on the floor without telling me.

But his third strike was when he broke my television set in my bedroom.  The TV has sat on the same table for 2 years straight – I have the receipt and had bought it exactly 2 years ago.  I had left the room to get a different extension cord and when I returned he told me that I was lucky because the TV’s legs weren’t on correctly and when it began to fall, he had caught it.  That made no sense to me and I just looked at him.  But he continued to proclaim how he had saved the TV – blah blah blah.

I have no poker face so I’m sure I was rolling my eyes at his delusion.  I told him that the legs were on correctly and it had been there for 2 years without a problem.

Fast forward to it being plugged in and obviously he didn’t catch it because there were just weird lines all over the screen.  He proceeded to tell me he was going to get fired for breaking my TV.  Concerned, I asked him if that was true and then he laughed and told me that this was what insurance is for so he’d tell his supervisor on Monday.

When I questioned him again, he told me that if he were going to get fired over it, he’d have gone out to Walmart and bought me another one.  What a snide jerk.  Really?  And you can’t even apologize for it?  I don’t understand people.  Really, I don’t.

So now, I have chased the company every single day since Saturday (because I was too upset on Friday and it was after 5pm) and still am without a TV nor cable box in my bedroom.  Thank goodness he didn’t drop the TV in the family room too.  That one I made sure I helped him to move.

Today I finally got in touch via chat (which was a last resort) to the company and some nice person on the chat told me that s/he had escalated my issue and that I would get a call from the company today.  Let’s see what happens.

In the meantime, I’m checking prices for a new TV.  I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s the stress we’ve all been under, but I don’t want any more service people here for awhile.  I’ve had it with them.

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17 Responses to Broken TV

  1. The V Pub says:

    I work in that industry. My company authorizes the manager to approve up to 1000.00 before handing off to our insurance company. Accidents happen, and we make good on them. I’m not sure why this guy was such a jerk.


    • janieleeds says:

      Thank you Rob for your input! I understand that accidents happen, but it will be a week tomorrow and nobody has answered me at all. Just pass the buck…very frustrating. It wasn’t a huge TV either. Not more than $300, but it would be nice if someone just called and confirmed that they knew and that they were planning on doing (whatever – reimbursing me for a tv that I get or taking the amount off my bill). I’m not terribly picky honestly. It’s just the being ignored so rudely now that bothers me.


  2. I have documented and asked people like that to immediately leave my house, called the company and supervisor and if that didn’t make me whole, I have called our local TV consumer people to take over. Nobody crosses boundaries anymore.


  3. TJ Fox says:

    Wow! You just haven’t had the luck with people coming to your house lately. What a jerk!

    On a side note, I’m a little jealous that you actually have choices for internet providers. Where we are, we have one good one that is a high speed option. Any other options are slow enough speed it wouldn’t support this house even at a fraction of what we have and would probably make it impossible for my Hubby to work from home. And we pay out the nose for it as well.


    • janieleeds says:

      I wonder if my change was for the better, but the kids seem to be happier with the new internet service. I am not noticing much of a difference and am more than a little mad about the TV and their non-responsiveness. I”m sorry you’re paying so much for yours and don’t have a choice, but I’m glad it’s working for you and your hubby. There’s nothing worse than working from home and having internet issues.

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  4. Create Space says:

    I hope it all gets sorted to your satisfaction Janie. It seems like having respect and being professional are lessons he still needs to learn.


  5. LA says:

    Omg you e had a time!! Hoping things go a little better


  6. scr4pl80 says:

    Wow. The company should at the least buy the new TV.


  7. petespringerauthor says:

    I have a horror story with our local cable company. The guy who came out to work for us was a disgruntled employee. He proceeded to badmouth the company the entire time he was there. We bundle and get our phone, television, and the Internet through the same provider. He came to work on the Internet, got it working, but five minutes later, after he drove away, we lost television and phone service. The frustrating thing was I called immediately to try and get him back, but you can’t just call the local company. I was ticked off when I called the 1-800 number, and the person told me it would be ten days before they could get someone out to fix it. The story is too long to write here, but then the guy didn’t come (we were home all day) ten days later. On top of that, he lied and told his supervisor that he came to our house and said we weren’t home.


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