Back To College?

The kids’ colleges are reopening in September.  Classes are online for a few weeks prior to opening the campus for onsite living.  It was decided they would stay there straight through to just before Thanksgiving and then send the kids home before the potential  ‘second wave of covid’ begins.

I’m not a fan of sending my kids back on campus to take classes, let alone live there because kids don’t social distance.  They just don’t.  We’ve opened the states a little bit and people went crazy so now they’re restricting again because the numbers are increasing.  Do you really think first year college freshmen away from home are going to be able to social distance?  Remember back to your first time away from home.  My guess is a big fat NO and there’s no way colleges can really control them.

And while my kids aren’t college freshmen, they are still kids and want to be with their friends.  Social distancing isn’t part of their vocabulary even though we’ve been under quarantine.  So, how’s this going to work?  How do you ‘quarantine’ kids in a dorm situation when they’re sharing rooms, bathrooms etc. without some type of supervision  keeping them apart and/or with masks on?

Additionally, there have been Coronavirus parties.  Have you heard that on the news?  Kids getting together, inviting someone who has the virus and whoever gets the virus from the party first gets money that they all paid into?  What has the world come to?

What fresh hell will we all experience when the first college campus has a pandemic outbreak of the virus that speeds through the community?  Although I try not to be fear-based, it is really concerning and these types of thoughts go through my head.  I am just hoping that they can figure out a way to all stay safe.

I’d prefer a choice in the matter as a Mom (and the woman who pays the tuition).  While I understand it would be difficult for the professors to record their classes, I think the option to either be online or on campus is warranted.  The online classes over the last few months went really well for my kids and I don’t want my kids back on campus.  But it seems I don’t have any say in the matter which is frustrating to me.

Do you know what’s going on with your kids’ schools?

Are they going back?

Have you decided anything?

Has the school let you know yet?

How do you feel about it?

Let me know!



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26 Responses to Back To College?

  1. LA says:

    My daughters college is not going back in September. I am not happy…


  2. TJ Fox says:

    My son, who will be a college freshman, is scheduled to go this fall. They have this whole plan of the kids taking their temps for 14 days prior and then being required to take a covid test before they are allowed on campus. That’s great and all, but are they then quarantining the whole campus? That simply isn’t possible, especially when you have students that don’t live on campus. As far as I know, they haven’t said anything about what happens once they are there.

    They did change the dorm situation a bit. The room layout for my son (there are a couple of different ones depending on building, don’t know the others) is two bedrooms with attached baths share a living room space between the two. Each bedroom/bathroom normally houses 2 students, so 4 would share that living space. Now, they are only allowing one student per bedroom, so it’s sort of like my son is in a two bedroom/2 bath apartment that he will share with a roommate. While that’s nice, it doesn’t even come close to accounting for classes and meals and any of the other things the students will need to do.

    He is also in the honors program and his scholarship requires certain things outside of classes that are going to force him into social interactions he wouldn’t normally choose to be involved in.

    We live within 20 minutes of the school and I was so hoping they’d bypass the living on campus requirement for his scholarship and give his room to an out of town student, but they didn’t.

    It is so frustrating. Where we live still has extremely low case numbers and it has given so many people a false sense of security. I’m certain that this situation can change 3 more times before he is actually scheduled to go back.

    My daughter’s high school hasn’t even begun to talk about what the fall is going to look like, so I have no idea what to even consider planning for that.


    • janieleeds says:

      I will be thinking of you and your family TJ. None of this is easy for any of us to navigate and I feel your frustration considering you live 20 minutes away from the school so another out-of-towner kid could take his room and allow him to commute from your home. Perhaps that will manifest in time.

      I do believe that things are still evolving so that there will be more changes, back and forth because nobody knows where this virus is going for sure nor when the second wave that they keep talking about will arrive nor how it will be (worse than we imagine or a blip).

      We heard from my one son’s school that there are having a flex program which from what I understand is the choice to take the classes online if you want instead of being on campus. That suits us perfectly so today he’s calling his guidance counselor to make sure that his classes are doing the online flex as well. If that’s the case, then he’ll stay here and take online classes which makes me happy.

      But time will tell. What a crazy time we live in right now…I’m just hoping that we all stay healthy and safe. Thanks for sharing!

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      • TJ Fox says:

        I would love that option! I’m pretty sure my son would as well. We unfortunately have a governor that is all for pushing to “get back to normal” so that makes it incredibly difficult for schools to remain online when those in charge are pushing for them to open.


      • janieleeds says:

        Well, let’s see how it unfolds in the next few weeks. I’m glad you have a low amount of people with the virus in your area though…that’s encouraging. 🙂

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      • TJ Fox says:

        I’m still convinced those low numbers are due to the fact that the local leaders (city and county in some cases) have actually been proactive in putting rules like our mask order in place despite what the higher levels of government have done (or not in this case). It is actually a little scary to see such low numbers because you know it can’t stay like that.


      • janieleeds says:

        If we all continue to do what we’re supposed to do to prevent the spread, let’s hope it works! I’m glad your local leaders are proactive! Thank goodness.

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  3. scr4pl80 says:

    Fortunately my kids are out of school, however, our daughter is a teacher’s assistant at a private school and will be working with the 2nd graders. I am not sure if they have completed their arrangements for the coming year, she is currently teaching a summer school class online from home (she lives with us). I have heard of those kids who are having COVID parties. How dumb can you be?


    • janieleeds says:

      I’m glad your daughter can teach online from home. That’s great! 2nd graders are tough though because their attention span is short, but I wish her all the best!
      As for the Covid parties? I don’t understand it either. Thank goodness my kids aren’t doing that! But I find it very scary….

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  4. My son has record enrollment at his school (UW) and the plans are for him to teach online until probably 2021. He said that works great for him but others, like med school and lab work will still need to be done in person.


  5. Ainsobriety says:

    I’m surprised your kids colleges are going back in person.
    My understanding is most Canadian universities will be online, with very limited dorms and some in person labs for nursing, engineering, etc where necessary.

    I cannot imagine opening with no limitations. Especially in the states, where many areas are clearly still well within the first wave.

    My kids are in high school and the plan has not yet been developed. One will stay online. The other, in grade 12, wants to return to some in person learning.

    Scary times.


    • janieleeds says:

      I don’t think anything is certain yet because things could all change. I am glad your kids are still in high school so you don’t have to worry about them being in a dorm situation yet. Stay healthy and safe. I agree that these are scary times.

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  6. SriCharita says:

    Reading about these coronavirus parties sends chills down my spine that how can we invite a disease to our home. Safety is always first. I really hope the situation gets better and she gets to enjoy her college years. Sending you love 🙂

    I have also written a blog describing lessons i learnt in my graduation years. Do give it a read.
    Also let’s connect over wordpress ❤

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  7. I personally was supposed to go back to college this past week but got special permission to do online college this semester! I don’t think that it is safe enough to put all of those students in the classrooms given the current climate of the pandemic! Stay safe!

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