Love In The Time Of Covid

My single and divorced friends and I have been talking lately about dating.  While some are ready to find a nice man, others are leery of trying to date while the virus is still here.  But when’s the best time to get started?

A few are mentioning that they want to get back online to date, but I have no desire to do that.  Been there, done that and didn’t like it so that’s not my plan.

Have you been dating during the pandemic?  Are you back online dating now?  Anyone feel like sharing their experiences?  What they’ve learned from it?  I’m listening and I’m sure there are others who are interested as well.

I don’t want to online date because I don’t like it.  I’d like to meet someone or be introduced organically and not via the dating sites.  That’s just me.  But with the quarantine, it put a stop to my going out so it’s not likely I’d find someone in my living room without being online.  LOL

What’s a girl or a guy to do?

Got any advice?

Feel like sharing what you’ve experienced?

Please share away!  I’m sure there are a lot of us who would be interested.

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15 Responses to Love In The Time Of Covid

  1. L. Rorschach says:

    The pandemic is putting a massive crimp on my dating life! I reactivated my dating profiles about 3 weeks ago when we had flattened the number of cases. I matched with several promising prospects but have no way to really meet anyone since things haven’t reopened here.

    Additionally, soon after I activated my profiles cases started spiking again so now I’m not sure what to do.

    Considering that about 98% of my dates don’t convert to a relationship anyway, it seems way too risky to date right now.

    So now I’m in a pickle. I have a couple promising guys I’d like to meet but don’t really feel safe meeting. How much chemistry can you really sense from 6′ away and with a mask, anyway?

    I still haven’t made a decision. A park picnic or BYO cocktails on the beach would be do-able but, again, I’m not sure how much chemistry can be assessed from a safe distance and then… what’s the point? *sigh*

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  2. Ainsobriety says:

    I have zero clue.
    I am not interested in dating, as I plan to be single forever now, lol, but I have a 17 year old son.
    It’s sad that he’s missing out on dating, etc.
    Things are opening very quickly here, so hopefully he will have some Version of school in September.

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    • janieleeds says:

      I hope for your sake and your son’s that dating unfolds and love too! Hey you never know Anne! :). When the right person comes along and the timing is right…in the meantime, be happy!

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  3. Paula Light says:

    I’m over dating, but even if I wasn’t it’d be too scary to meet someone now!


  4. Hi Janie, I wrote an article about this recently if anyone is interested. Just so happy to be happily in a relationship now, as ever 🙂


  5. Rainey says:

    Interesting question! Have you written an earlier post on going back to dating after divorce, just in general?


  6. fyidivorce says:

    Online dating is like comparison shopping via profiles for a mate! If I try the dating scene again, I think I’m going to try matchmaking.


    • janieleeds says:

      I love this post! Thank you for sharing your post here. I can’t seem to LIKE it for some reason. My computer’s acting up. But I did read it and loved it! Let me know how it all goes. I hadn’t heard of Tawkify…but I’ll have to check it out! I have a friend that used a matchmaker, but even after all that, she never really found ‘the one’ so she’s back to looking authentically through friends. Quarantine doesn’t really help right now, but we’ll keep trying! 🙂

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  7. JoJo says:

    Is like to hear this advice too 👍

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