Gad Zooks

Are you familiar with the word?  Definition – Gad zooks:  an exclamation of surprise or annoyance

I don’t know how/why it popped into my head this morning, so I decided to write my post based on it.  And actually it fits because the older kid asked me the other night if his gf could sleepover this Saturday night.  Gad zooks!  I told him I’d give him my decision the next day because it was after midnight when he interrupted me watching mindless TV before bed.  Because seriously, a sleepover during quarantine?  I guess I should be grateful that he asked, but he knows better than to spring it on me without warning.

I waited all day for him to ask me again the next day, but he never did.  Then he told me that she’s coming today to visit, but just for the day.  Whew.  Although honestly, I don’t want anyone in my house.  I know it’s probably fine, but still.  We’re in the middle of a pandemic and who knows who she and her family have been in contact with!  She’s already had her nails done, her hair done and blah blah blah.  I guess I should be happy that she’s working, but then again, she’s working in a hospital and potentially bringing her germs into my house.  Sorry for the rant.

I’m proud of her job and of her, but this is my safe home.  I am careful here.  While maybe there’s nothing to worry about, I don’t need any extra aggravation in my life right now.  At least I’m saved from her wanting to sleep over because she doesn’t want to drive back to her parents’ house after dinner.

Big eye roll…rant over.  Thanks for reading.  GAD ZOOKS! LOL




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10 Responses to Gad Zooks

  1. I’ll put my two cents in here and I’m glad you didn’t have to dive in deep with your son. What happened with us was before Covid. Before they were married and still dating, my son wanted his then gf to sleep over and in the same bed. We told him we would love to have her stay but not in the same room. She could have his room and he could sleep somewhere else in the house. I coined the term, “No cohabitation without documentation.” (FYI her parents had no problem with them sleeping together at their house.) Son grumbled a bit but respected our rule. (Little did I know about how much of a hypocrite ONE of us really was, right???) When they got married, he waved the license in front of me and made a joke about getting the documentation. Pretty funny.


  2. LA says:

    Make them stay socially distanced outside…


  3. scr4pl80 says:

    Tough situation. I have let our daughter’s boyfriend spend the night in her room in the past but she had been living in the dorms and in a house while in college and I knew they had slept together then. I just have to trust that our daughter is smart enough to know that things happen and you have to be prepared for the consequences. On the other hand, we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic then.


    • janieleeds says:

      Thanks Janet for sharing. Thank goodness she’s just here for the day and have been outside for most of it so far. I do get the when they’re away at college they do sleep together. Just not ready for that under my roof…during a pandemic.

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  4. petespringerauthor says:

    Gad zooks! I haven’t heard that one in a while. One of the funny things I used to experience in teaching was all of the time a kid or I had to translate something for the other. They used to laugh at some of my old school expressions.

    What a predicament for you. At least your son was courteous enough to ask in advance.


    • janieleeds says:

      I am glad you translated for the kids. I use old expressions with my own kids often as I think it’s educational! And as for my son, all is well. She didn’t sleep over (yay) so thank goodness. We are all safe! And yes, I appreciated his asking me in advance. He’s a good kid. They both are.


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