Back To School In September?

I used to love September and looked forward to the beginning of school.  Fall temperatures and back to a normal routine made me so happy as a Mom because by then (pre-pandemic), I’d be getting weary of the summer freedom frenzy and the heat.  I needed to take back the reins so that I could be more productive and the kids could get back on a decent schedule.

But this summer wasn’t normal for any of us.  And schools are opening, but it’s not going to be like it was last year at this time.  I feel badly for the college kids because each university has a different set of rules these days and they keep changing it up.  My kids will be online in September so they’re not living in a dorm, nor commuting.  I’d rather have them here, than worrying about the lack of social distancing at college and the what if’s that would probably be keeping me up at night.  Such is the new normal for now.

How are you doing?

What’s your kids’ school schedule look like?

Are they going back to school in a classroom?  In a dorm?  Or are they online?

How do you feel about it?

What are your kids saying about it?

Being a single parent isn’t easy and dealing with the pandemic and quarantine has added more stress than ever.  But so far we’re surviving here.

How are you?  I’m listening…and I’m here for you!


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19 Responses to Back To School In September?

  1. Mine are going into grade 8 and 10.

    Gr 8 means full day school with a mask on. She’d rather homeschool fulltime. I’m on board if that’s what she needs and wants even though I’d rather have people leave this house. 😐

    Gr 10 means (so far) in class every other day. He used to take the transit bus but now I’ll probably drive him. Ugh.

    Partner teaches college online for the full semester.

    Not sure if all this staying home with me is a good thing or not… 🙃


    • janieleeds says:

      I hope you all stay safe. I’m sorry but I’m glad that at least your kids are a bit older but it’s scary nonetheless. Transit bus or Mom driving? I know it’s a pain to drive but perhaps better in the long run. Who knows at this time what’s right anymore. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. LA says:

    My daughter will be taking virtual classes from her bedroom. Not happy


  3. petespringerauthor says:

    I’m retired, but I feel for the place that many of my former teaching colleagues find themselves. Most of the schools in the county have decided to start the year in distance learning mode. One of the high schools in the country started today with classes taking place at school. There are so many teachers and students who are fearful of going this route. Even the principal told the board that he felt they shouldn’t proceed.

    The thing I find most troubling is that the perception of teachers seems to have flipped from the end of last year. They were lauded as heroes and heroines last spring with much appreciation from parents who developed a new respect for teachers after seeing the challenges of supporting their children. Last night I was reading Facebook posts telling teachers to “do the right thing” and “stop whining.” My jaw dropped at the callousness of these remarks. I respect any teacher who decides to return to school, but I can’t find fault for those who put the safety of themselves and their family first.

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    • janieleeds says:

      Well said Peter! Thank you for sharing. I have many friends who are teachers and they are struggling with the fear and the added burden of trying to teach virtually in a new school year to students whom they don’t know yet. At the end of the school year last year when the teachers became virtual teachers, they knew their students and could modify, speak to parents because they had a rapport with them already.
      Age of student plays a huge part in this new stage of virtually learning (for now). Little ones have short attention spans and it adds a burden to parents to make sure their child is online when they are supposed to be. That’s hard for a teacher who has 20+ students in a zoom classroom who is used to giving personal attention to those who need it.

      As for in person classes, that’s difficult all around – for parents, students and teachers because of the risk factor.

      I don’t envy any teachers at this point and I still herald them as heroes along with many others who are helpers at this time. I haven’t seen any callous remarks on FB about teachers so this information saddens me.

      Thanks for your input. I hope that all who are doing their jobs to help others during this virus are appreciated. That’s my hope because that’s how I feel. Appreciative.

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  4. Rainey says:

    Single parent, son going into the 5th grade with remote learning. I work from home but it’s busy, not sure if this can be sustainable for another year..

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    • janieleeds says:

      I understand how you feel Rainy. I hope for only the best for you and your son. Thank goodness you’re home though to help monitor his schooling. I get the busy part. Good luck! Let’s hope there’s some help in the future so that it doesn’t go on all school year long!

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    • petespringerauthor says:

      This is the other part of the equation that makes this whole thing so complicated. Many parents can’t manage it all as they have so many other responsibilities. Many children, depending on their age, maturity level, and learning style, don’t learn as well online. Quite understandably, they want their kids in school if it is safe.

      I feel for everyone, including the teachers who think, “When I became a teacher, I didn’t know I would have to worry about someone coming into the school and shooting the place up or that I’d be risking my life to teach.” Certain professions, such as police and firefighters, knew the risks when they assumed the job, but I doubt most teachers gave much thought to this.

      I read yesterday that over two hundred and fifty students and teachers are already in quarantine after one week back in a Georgia school district. That doesn’t seem sustainable either. That is why I get so frustrated with people who haven’t taken this seriously. What a mess we are in!

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      • janieleeds says:

        Exactly – what a mess we are in! I wish there were a definitive solution, but I don’t see one. And change is difficult on any level even with help so the more people feel they are floundering, the higher the stressful emotional feelings and that gives into fear, anger etc.

        I feel for all – teachers, administrators, kids, parents – we just all need to get on the same page and then we can work together for our students’ best learning!

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      • Rainey says:

        I agree, and hope we can all move through this with patience and kindness.

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      • janieleeds says:

        I think that’s the only way we will all be successful is to unite together to work together!

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  5. michi0507 says:

    I just try to remember that even though this looks like it is endless, it is only temporary. We are learning new ways to live but we can only hope that not everything will change forever. How are your kids handling this pandemic?


  6. TJ Fox says:

    MC is moving into his dorm on Friday. I’m really not loving this, especially since most of his classes are online and only a couple require in person classes only part of the time. We live 20 minutes away so he could easily live at home, but the school is requiring on campus living as it is part of his scholarship. They have limited the number of students sharing dorm rooms, so that helps, but it is still not enough in my opinion. I’m going to be an absolute wreck about it all once he starts. We’ve had long talks about if he is going to be allowed to come home as he wants because he will be bringing that risk with him when he does.

    BG will be starting her junior year of high school online. Our district allowed parents and students to choose either in person (which is now a hybrid so they can split the number of students in the building at a time) or online. We chose online because we saw how few people actually follow the rules and guidelines with regards to mask wearing. I am not ever comfortable with any kind of indoor situation when masks aren’t being worn, even if you are able to set and maintain distance, especially in a building with a very old HVAC system. I’m so happy that she will be able to be home. She handled the spring extremely well, so I have no concerns about her doing online.


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