Solution For September Schooling?

As a parent, a former teacher, and someone with many friends still teaching and in the trenches trying to get ready for September, I have one important suggestion that may help everyone to embrace the uncertain changes.


We are all in this together.  Have you forgotten this?  And our primary focus is on our kids and their learning!  It’s not about whether there’s in person teaching or virtual teaching.  It’s not about the inconvenience you have as a teacher or as a parent.  It’s about the kids and how to keep them safe, to help them transition and to continue learning in whatever form the school has chosen.

Stop blaming each other.  Work together and not separately.  Ok, you are right in your points of view (probably because I haven’t heard yours,) but that doesn’t make any difference when we have kids involved.  And let me remind you that administrators are doing the best they can under the circumstances too.

I think it’s like getting divorced.  You can be completely right, but if you put the kids in the middle, the only ones who suffer are the kids and they don’t deserve that treatment. I hate to compare the coming school year to a divorce, but it seems like a good metaphor because in a divorce, everyone has to compromise in order to successfully sign the papers to get divorced.


No teacher, nor parent will get their child’s schooling the way the want it for the Fall.  There will be teachers who complain and parents who complain.  It is hard for teachers to be in the classroom with the threat of the virus being passed along in a crowded classroom.  It is hard for teachers to virtually teach as well.  There’s no easy solution here and most of us never thought we’d still be dealing with the virus in September.  But here we are.

You may have a different viewpoint which I would love to read so please feel free to share below.  My point here is only that we need to think of the students and how best we can keep them safe and not backslide their learning as the future unfolds.  We also need to keep the teachers healthy so that they can continue to teach.  And finally, we need to keep the parents’ minds at ease and support them throughout the year.



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8 Responses to Solution For September Schooling?

  1. There is no magic solution that fits all scenarios. But we are a bunch of innovative peeps, aren’t we? We’ve come so far. We will find a way. We have to.

    I’m not looking forward to school as a parent whose kids opted for online/remote learning full-time. They are isolated enough as it is…

    But it is what it is.


    • janieleeds says:

      I know about the kids’ isolation in online learning. It isn’t good for them because they need interaction. That’s where I come in at this time…LOL. But I’m not their age so it is different and I don’t pretend that I can be. But as you said, “We will find a way” and “it is what it is.” Good luck to your kids (and to you!)

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    It isn’t easy, my son is in high school, and his school gave the option to go or to do online, I left to him to decide. It’s safe to do it online, but kids need the interaction with teachers and friends. It will a new world out there, but we can’t be forever locked inside our homes.


  3. Sam says:

    Ug. When I have the energy I’m going to post more on this than I have but I was actually demanded by a family that *I* personally give them a tax refund if I wasn’t coming back to in person and that they should get a refund anyway because “there is less staff, resources and facilities being used” . Oh! And also that if I can’t “handle” in person instruction that I should take an early retirement….it’s been a fun few months.

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    • janieleeds says:

      Oh geez Sam! I’m so sorry people are so disrespectful and ignorant! I am sending you strength to deal with those types of people. I hope you can keep your cool and I know that you’ll be great! Good luck!!

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  4. Ainsobriety says:

    I have one kid who wants to go to grade 12. The other will go to a special schools that supports kids working independently, with support.

    I truly hope schools come up with a slower, more staggered return. I think it is not time to return to the old siting in your desk for 7 hours.

    Every day the plan changes, so I am trying to just be open minded.


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