Getting A Little Better And Looking On The Bright Side

Well, we’ve made it home finally. I’m exhausted as you can imagine, but at least we’re home. Now he’s just got to take meds and work on his breathing. And so we are just going to concentrate on healing him.

Last night we finally slept in our own beds and that felt great. I got up this morning and was so happy to have my own coffee, in my own mug, in my own home, with my kids healthy and home safely with me.

It’s the simple things that count.

Sometimes you have to get walloped with hard stuff in order to be grateful for the little things. Because being grateful for the little things is under-rated, but wildly important!

While this may have changed up our lives, it’s done it in a good way because it brought us closer together as a family of three. You know I always have to find the bright side.

Bright side is that he’s going to heal even though it will take time.

Bright side is that both are taking their college courses online so we’re all home together.

Bright side is that I was Authentically Janie when I made sure the ex (his father) was notified and kept in the loop as long as he wanted information (which was only for the first 36 hours) and then he went silent.

Bright side is that we are all home and healing.

Thank you all for being so kind and supportive to me. I’m here for you too!

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15 Responses to Getting A Little Better And Looking On The Bright Side

  1. TJ Fox says:

    So glad to hear it!


  2. LA says:


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  3. scr4pl80 says:

    Happy to hear. There are some benefits to the distance learning and sheltering in place. Get some rest yourself!

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  4. bone&silver says:

    There’s no Place like Home. May the recovery (for all of you) be swift xx


  5. petespringerauthor says:

    Well said, Janie. Sometimes when we have one of these scary events, it does put it all in perspective.


  6. Dwight Hyde says:

    Glad things are getting better. Happy you two are home.


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