Another Strange Covid Story

A friend of mine got called to jury duty recently and she said that the civil suit that she sat on the jury for was the first in her state. since it was locked down A landmark event I guess, but a strange one as well. I guess we’re moving back into a bit of normalcy with a twist?

She told me about how the day went along and how strange it was because everyone was masked. While it was her first time with jury duty, she explained how it felt so surreal. Seeing all the people masked and when the lawyers spoke, they changed into those clear plastic head masks because the jurors and the court had a hard time understanding what they were saying behind their masks. So many times people were asked to speak up and enunciate because mumbling behind the masks makes it even more difficult for strangers to understand what you’re saying.

To add another weirdness to it, she’s a little over 50 years old and she was, in her estimation, more than 10 years older than the next oldest person. She was the oldest in her jury group. Most of them were in their twenties. One was in her late 20’s and was breastfeeding so she had to be excused from time to time to go pump breast milk in the bathroom. Really? Couldn’t she have been excused during this? Does that upset anyone else? Because it upsets me to think that she is having to do this on top of her civic duty.

Anyway, I was just had to share since we are still in the midst of the pandemic and perhaps you hadn’t been thinking about jury duty because I know it wasn’t on my radar either.

Do you have any stories of court sessions during the pandemic?

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4 Responses to Another Strange Covid Story

  1. As the daughter of a lawyer (ahem haha) the breastfeeding mom could have and should have been exempt from jury duty. Why she didn’t fill out her form to reflect that is another story. I remember getting one of those jury duty letters when I wan nursing and filled it out to reflect my situation. Also, during voir dire, she should have been excused. In my opinion, she could be the reason why a guilty verdict could be overturned. If i was defense, it would be a reason.

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    • janieleeds says:

      I don’t know nor does my friend who was on jury duty why this woman was there in her situation. But I agree with you…there were opportunities to be excused (or so I would think) especially now. Another mystery of life…

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  2. Go pump in the bathroom…geezes, this is what’s wrong with so many civilizations, especially in America. She should have been excused from jury duty to tend to her infant. Sigh…


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