Is It Too Early To Decorate For Christmas?

When I was married, I had to abide by his rules – no Christmas decorating until December 1st. But now that I’ve been divorced for a few years, I’m really enjoying the fact that there’s no ‘boss’ to tell me when I can do what I want! So, guess what?

I’ve started decorating for Christmas!!

I woke up yesterday morning and felt that little nudge. You know the one? It’s chilly outside. It’s after Thanksgiving. It’s almost December 1st anyway….I’m a free woman and can do what I want….

So I opened up the coffin sized box of the new artificial Christmas tree I invested in last year and determinedly dragged each heavy and awkward piece into the family room. I laid them on the floor and then began my tree building. In practically no time, there it was! And when I pushed the foot pedal on the floor, it lit up perfectly!

I was ecstatic! And so began the rest of the day which consisted of decorating the mantle, setting up the stockings, finding little trinkets I’d forgotten about and nestling them around the house.

I lit a balsam candle and felt the stress drain away because there’s nothing like that smell of a fresh cut tree and even though I’ve had to give that up, the candle works just fine. I’ve learned that it’s all about making due and finding the good in a simpler life.

So far the tree only has lights on it and no decorations. I am liking that look by the way and loving that with a touch of a button I can change it from white lights to colored ones. It’s so much fun! Maybe next week the kids and I can put on our ornaments, but in the meantime, I’m just enjoying the serenity of a lit tree.

How about you? Have you started decorating? Do you have a live tree or a fake one?

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19 Responses to Is It Too Early To Decorate For Christmas?

  1. Not too early! I saw your post as I got off the phone with my angel boy. He was so excited to decorate their tree(s) and set the phone up so I could watch. Just like our tradition with his dad, they got a big tree and a little one for the kids. T was putting on all the ornaments that I had given them from when dad was a little boy. Yup, we have always done both xmas and hannukah. How can anyone not love a sparkly tree or two, especially this year?


  2. scr4pl80 says:

    I like to get our tree early in December and when I was living alone I did it the day after Thanksgiving. We get a real one every year and I do also decorate in stages. Lights first and then a day or two later the ornaments. It is a fun process and I love the smell of the tree.


  3. Dwight Hyde says:

    I just got new lights, so tonight’s the night for me. I’ve got a small artificial a few years back and love the simplicity of it. Can’t wait for coffee time tomorrow morning looking at the magic of it all😊. Enjoy yours and family❤️


  4. Ainsobriety says:

    I have a fake tree. I usually wouldn’t decorate until December, but my daughter and I have been watching hallmark Christmas movies and she wanted to do it.

    A few weeks ago I noticed someone selling some bike ornaments on marketplace. I bought them and the woman gave me 2 huge bags if b,he and silver ornaments, ribbon, etc. So our house is now sparkly in blue and white. It is nice to look at, especially as sunset was at 3:50 today!

    I might as well enjoy it!


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  5. petespringerauthor says:

    We put up our tree today, too. I have no hard data to back this up, but I believe that more people are doing the same thing this year to bring something uplifting into the house besides Covid.


  6. The V Pub says:

    I started yesterday. ‘Tis the season for it!


  7. LA says:

    Decorating sometime this week. I always wait till the day after thanksgiving


  8. TJ Fox says:

    My official decorating starts as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are cleaned up and we put up my Santa curtain. That is when the season kick starts for us. Then we always do all the rest of the decorating the day after. That has been my tradition for as long as I can remember.


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