Monday Morning

After the long weekend, here we are. Back in the saddle of a new week with all of the extra weight that it’s the new year full of new chances etc. Do you feel that way too?

Are you excited for the possibilities that lie ahead? Or are you feeling that there’s nothing different except the 0 changed to a 1 – as in 2020 became 2021?

I’m a bit tired this morning so I’m slow moving. Maybe an extra coffee will help. Fingers crossed. I’ve been reading blogs and all the talk about new year goals and resolutions and how I want to lose 20 lbs etc. It makes my head spin.

I do write some goals down, but I don’t do resolutions because I know me, I don’t stick with them. I can’t feel that added weight on my shoulders to stir up anxiety or if I don’t make the goal, that heavy feeling of I’m a failure. And while I could certainly lose a little of the isolation during lockdown weight that’s been added to my frame, my thought is to just move more with the help of the FitBit reminder and take it more seriously. That’s what I mean about goals.

While the calendar shows that it’s the first Monday of the New Year (feigned enthusiasm), I’m rebelling. I need some more time to wrap my head around that fact that we’ve turned the corner on 2020 and are now into 2021 by a few days. I’m not one to think that just because the year has changed that things are going to be completely healed or different. I’m feeling a bit more cynical than that today. And while I’m ever hopeful, I have learned a thing or two in my over 5 decades of life. So I’m taking it in stride.

Let’s see how this week rolls out. How are you feeling this morning?

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17 Responses to Monday Morning

  1. LA says:

    I’m energized. Hoping this feeling lasts


  2. I feel quiet, Janie. I don’t do resolutions and shy away from ‘quick fixes’. I found a lovely lass on YouTube this morning who does Qi Gong, which is so gentle and can be done standing up, and I felt natural energy returning. Much ❤ flowing to you. Xx


  3. TJ Fox says:

    I’m grumpy this morning because being forced into an early morning routine for the contractors is so not my cup of tea (or coffee, there simply is not enough of that today). I have a feeling that grumpy will be my mode, at least for the mornings, for the next couple of weeks. Once they are done, though, I’m really looking forward to this year. I’ll get my craft room, including pushing myself in the whole cabinet building part of that, plus a whole lot of really cool things are supposed to happen this year. It will be 20 years with my Hubby and my son’s girl is coming here for college this next fall (which is incredibly weird circumstance wise, but still awesome), so I have a whole lot to look forward to and a list of projects I want to work on a mile long. Yes, there is still going to be a a 2020 hangover that we all need some serious meds to get over, but we will get there. Eventually.


    • janieleeds says:

      I think it’s all unfolding as it should, even if it isn’t within our preferred timing. Perhaps you can (yikes!) get up earlier to enjoy the peace and quiet cuppa before they arrive? Just a thought…maybe not everyday but when needed for your peace of mind.
      Your craft room sounds wonderful as do the cool things that are supposed to happen this year! How lovely that you’re opening your home to your son’s girl for college. I wish you all the best with every new experience! Just smile when you can! It’s all going to work itself out perfectly even if we have a few bumps in the road.

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  4. scr4pl80 says:

    I am hopeful. I made my vision cards over the weekend and will use them to help me start the year on the right track. Happy New Year!


  5. petespringerauthor says:

    If I do something new, I call it a lifestyle change instead of a New Year’s resolution. It feels more permanent that way.


  6. OmniRunner says:

    I set goals, I don’t make resolutions.
    It would be wonderful if putting up a new calendar would magically make things change, but unfortunately it doesn’t give us extra discipline or drive.
    It’s just another day, so make the most of it.


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