The Addition To The Kitchen

Our convection/toaster oven was making strange noises so I decided to look into getting a new one. It didn’t owe me anything as it had been a staple in the kitchen for years. On a whim, I went to Costco and picked up a Cuisinart Digital Airfryer which is also a toaster, convection oven etc. It was on sale so I figured I’d get it.

Technology in all aspects of our lives is improving. Just with this appliance we can do all sorts of cooking that wasn’t even possible a few years ago and I’m excited for it. I have always been someone who likes improvements especially when it comes to the kitchen. While I’m not a huge fan of cooking, I do like gadgets and have no fear trying something out!

But…it’s been a huge learning curve here at Chez Leeds and not one that I’m particularly fond of (but then when do we enjoy a learning curve anyway)? We’ve burned many things while trying to figure out how to work this appliance. We’ve had some laughs, but also been very frustrated by this machine.

I’m not quite ready to return it, but it is a definitive possibility because it’s driving me crazy with the inconsistent way it cooks. I don’t know if it’s the machine or us, but this nonsense is going to stop.

It’s reminding me of an unruly two year old. Do you understand what I mean? It does what it wants with no rhyme nor reason as to why the chicken turned out ok in the air fryer two days ago, but today, when we do the exact same thing, it burns it to a blackened crisp that’s inedible.

Does anyone have one of these newfangled appliances? Or do you have one you really like? When I saw this one had the air fryer I thought it would be a nice addition to the kitchen, especially because it’s not an extra appliance but just a touch of the button on this one. I’m not sure anymore.

I’d love to hear what works for you!

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4 Responses to The Addition To The Kitchen

  1. LA says:

    I got a new stove recently. I was amazed with how many of them could be operated via app….too much for me


  2. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how an “air fryer” can also be a “toaster”? Showing you that I more than likely have the oldest appliances in my kitchen.


    • janieleeds says:

      While you may have the oldest appliances, I would have kept what I had if they hadn’t started making strange noises and I was worried that they’d catch on fire. It is interesting to think how many things one appliance can do these days.


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