The Covid 10

Do you remember when you first went off to college and there was an unlimited assortment of goodies to munch on in the cafeteria and no parental supervision? Nobody to say, “Eat your veggies,” or “You can’t have ice cream for dinner!” And in that year, everyone talked about gaining the Freshman 10 or Freshman 15 (meaning pounds)!

Well, sadly I’ll admit, I’ve got a similar issue with the Covid 10 (aka I’ve gained 10 lbs.) from being home with a stash full of non-nutritional snacks to munch on out of boredom, mindless habit and binge-watching many Netflix series that I probably wouldn’t have spent hours watching otherwise if we weren’t in a pandemic.

I threw self-discipline right out into the big road and let the trucks roll on over it. And I’m not proud of it. Nope. I feel ashamed. Bloated. Tired. Messy. This is not how my mother taught me. She was militant in the whole idea of Dress For Success.

And while I can justify that nobody really sees me but the kids and the occasional people at the local grocery, this is not like me at all. I’m not slovenly, but yoga pants have been my go to uniform for months and months. Yuck. So not me. I was always the girl who liked to be dressed, made up and coiffed before going out for any errand. I was dressed nicely throughout the marriage when my then husband came home. I prided myself on looking nice for him when he got home from work. Not in a Stepford Wife way, but just for myself, for him, for us.

This morning I got up and thought “I need to start dressing more for me. Even if nobody sees me but the kids and the local grocery people. Who cares? Why not make an effort even thought there’s no dating, nobody knocking on my door etc. Because if I can get back into the habit that I have had for decades prior to Covid, then I’ll feel better.”

But it’s an effort and it feels herculean. And there’s a piece of me that thinks, “What the hell, wait until this all blows over and spring arrives.”

Is anyone else feeling this way?

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28 Responses to The Covid 10

  1. Paula Light says:

    I haven’t gained weight, but I’ve quit coloring my hair, wearing makeup, and dressing in cute outfits. Because who cares? I work alone and mostly see no one but my roommate day after day.


  2. The V Pub says:

    I started to put weight on last spring, but I’ve managed to keep it down. I’m still not where I want to be, and all of this snow on the ground is giving me an excellent excuse not to go out and exercise. 😉


    • janieleeds says:

      I like to shovel snow so that’s been fun for me and is a little bit of exercise that’s helping. I’m glad you’ve kept it down. Good for you! Hope all is well with you. With the pup I’m sure you get exercise! 🙂


  3. I went on the Intermittent Fasting thing and eat what I want during the eating window but I do refrain from white flour and sugar as much as possible. This has reduced the bloating but the weight loss will be much more gradual. I’m ok with that as long as the bloating doesn’t come back.

    Good luck! It’s not easy but it’s a habit that’s worth forming. Sigh with this covid thing…ugh.

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  4. Ainsobriety says:

    Yes. Quarantine 15.
    I am also wearing a daily uniform of tank tops and knitted sweat pants. I love it, and am comfortable.

    That said, I have returned to my yoga practice and my belly is squishy. I have never had this before…and it is a real reminder that I have dropped every eating restriction, except gluten free as I am celiac.
    We are ordering in more, and I am enjoying it. Cooper and I have a slice of gf cake every night.

    I’m not willing to become as restrictive as I have been for many years. I also see no one, and probably won’t until spring.

    That said, I could be more mindful about my food.

    It’s tough to find the right balance. In my life I have always been fairly average/small and generally fit. And I have had many years of starving and excessive exercise….nothing stays forever….

    I keep saying I will drink more water. I think that will be my goal this week. Small steps.



    • janieleeds says:

      I like the idea of more water Anne. I have upped my intake as well since I feel like that would ease up the eating. Good for you for returning to Yoga…
      Mindful about food….that’s a good thing as well. Why didn’t I think of that? Because when I see that chocolate, I am not mindful that I am just bored and eating instead of savoring it. Thanks for inspiring me with that!

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  5. scr4pl80 says:

    I hear you. I am hovering between 5 and 10 pounds since my low in May last year after losing 75 pounds. A lot of times I wear leggings so I am not tempted to just let it all go.. Depends on whether it’s 5 pounds or 10 pounds lol. I’m going to try intermittent fasting to see if I can jump start the weight loss again. My goal is another 20 (or 30) pounds.


  6. Dwight Hyde says:

    I’m right there with your “10”, no yoga pants, but instead substitute those with sweats, t-shirts, and a hoodie😀. I had to chuckle because I have been putting on jeans, collared shirt, and actual shoes on my big debuts out for groceries looking out behind my sweet black mask. Starting to get fired back up…the 10 is going to GO! 💯💪


  7. Prior to the outbreak in Jamaica, I had closed my clothing business. When the country shut down partially. I had already shut down mentally. Fast forward. I have cut my hair, ensure I maintain my blonde colour 🙂and now I started working from home and I started to dress up and go to the back of the house(my office). For years I think I was experiencing what most people are now, as a result of this pandemic. So I know how to live in these times


  8. Don’t wait for it to pass for you to be the pretty you. To dress up and put on lipstick even if your going to cover it with a mask. Don’t loose yourself, no matter what.


    • janieleeds says:

      I agree Lafieta! I am getting back into the groove slowly again. I fell off the dressing up but I’ve been making more of an effort the last few days and I feel better about me. Thank you!


  9. traceyr1984 says:

    The intermittent fasting works for me too. I have found it quite easy and once you adapt to it you will find yourself eating a lot less in general. (Though it helps not to have too much junk around.) I also dress for myself (which means comfort) so jeans and t-shirts are the norm. I am who I am. Take care of yourself!

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  10. OmniRunner says:

    Lol. I work from home also. Somedays I put on a shirt with a collar to feel like I’m going to work even though I’m going to the dining room.
    I have an injury so I have a great excuse for barely running. But I find that my motivation in general for all aspects of life have diminished over the past year.
    Amazingly I’ve only gained 5lbs but I fear I have lost muscle from my lack of exercise.


  11. Maya Moore says:

    I think a lot of people can relate to this. I’ve been really bad with my eating and just last week started to change that. One thing I have been able to do since quarantine is I’ve started teaching virtual dance fitness (Zumba) classes. I’ve always loved Zumba and had an opportunity to teach my own class so I went for it. It really helps with my exercise and mental health/happiness. However it’s such a temptation to eat back all the calories that I burn in class, lol


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