Heart On Your Sleeve

Are you like me and you have been told that you ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ meaning that you just want to love and be loved? My whole life I’ve heard that phrase and it wasn’t always meant as a compliment. And even though it’s been used as a derogatory towards me by certain people, it hasn’t stopped me. It’s only made me more wary of those who insist that I be more like them.

But I can’t be anyone else but me – Authentically Janie – so I’m not sure I’d even try. Because to fit in, would be to not be me and at this age, I’m finally coming into my own. I’m not stopping the arduous trailblazing I’ve accomplished thus far just to be who certain people think I should be.

Does that make sense to you?

Do I make mistakes? Yes. Do I falter and pick myself back up? Yes indeed! Am I a work in progress? Of course I am! I think we all are. Well, those of us who keep forging towards learning more about ourselves and digging into personal development.

I have often imagined a world in which kindness reigns, for I think that unites us. Kindness invites unity, understanding and caring which is what our world needs more of these days. It seems to me that the disgruntled unhappy people of the world are clouding what could be (and I’m not talking about politics), but the general atmosphere of people. The dark emotions seem to be taking up more space, especially with the fear of Covid and the charged emotionality of people.

Perhaps we heart-centered people could make a difference if we bonded together to help the others who are suffering. I’m not saying it’s not difficult for us to navigate these troubled times because it is. But when we can center ourselves and find unity, we can make a difference.

So I’ll keep wearing my heart on my sleeve. You do you. And I’ll do me. And if you need a friend, I’m here for you.

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8 Responses to Heart On Your Sleeve

  1. TJ Fox says:

    Oh, you know I do! Sadly, being a caring, empathetic person also means you tend to be more easily hurt and so many people view that as a weakness and a negative. While the hurting part sucks, I refuse to change the fact that I genuinely care about other people and their feelings.


  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    I truly believe giving love can and will change this world. It’s the rhythm of this beautiful universe! Keep sending out that Love, Janie❤️ 🦸‍♀️


  3. petespringerauthor says:

    I certainly understand that context matters, and sometimes the phrase “you wear your heart on your sleeve” can be a putdown, but I think of it as a compliment. I’d much rather be around those people than fake or phony ones.


  4. hbsuefred says:

    You certainly are a dreamer, young lady. As long as the heart you expose on your sleeve does not become irreparably damaged, I say you just keep doing you. It seems to be working for you so far, so don’t mess with success and if it ain’t broke, which it doesn’t seem to be, then don’t fix it! Love me some clichés.


    • janieleeds says:

      Love your cliches and your support! :). Dreamer. You bet. Heart exposed. Yes indeed. Heart broken in the past. Yes and who knows what the future holds, but I still like to live this way. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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