What A Difference A Friend Makes

Well, I have this friend who LOVES to organize. We are complete opposites in that regard, but I have to follow up on the last post because…

I cleaned out sunporch with her help on Sunday and even though my body is dragging today, I am so excited! I woke up this morning and saw the sunlight dancing in the room and it felt grand! Of course there’s more to do, but the bulk of the letting go of stuff that I’d been holding onto for sentimental reasons etc. has begun.

I have a carload to go to Good Will now so I feel good about that and I put a few items up for sale in a local group which I hope will sell so they can get out of my house. Finding a new home for items that I don’t use anymore feels really good.

While I dislike doing the organizing, I like the finished look and feel of it so I’m inspired to do a bit more. I want to really dive into the next project, but I’ll probably need my friend’s help again. Thank goodness she loves doing this!

What was really great was that she didn’t judge me for the cluttered mess of it. She didn’t make me feel badly about having accumulated and not let go of things that I had a hard time releasing. Instead she gently held my hand and helped me to process what I needed to do.

I had held onto a beach scene plaque which was the last gift the ex gave me for Christmas the year he left. I liked the colors and the scene even though when I really looked at it, the beach chairs that were shown weren’t next to each other, but instead were facing opposite directions. Well, one was facing the ocean and the other was facing away. Kind of an apropos acknowledgment of where we were in our relationship at the time. I had held onto it because I liked it, but I didn’t like what it represented, and yet I couldn’t let it go. She saw it in the sunporch and that’s when I told her the story of it. She looked at me and without blinking an eye said, “You know this has to go, right?” And it was an ‘a-ha’ moment for me and I was able to put it in the box for Good Will.

Sometimes we just need someone we trust to tell us the truth without fanfare. Plain and simple to allow the lightbulb to go on in our heads and release it. I hope I can be that person for someone some day too.

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11 Responses to What A Difference A Friend Makes

  1. Ainsobriety says:

    It must be great to have a friend like that.
    I also need to declutter. It just seems easy to leave it as is…but it’s so nice when done.

    I have a painting that I always loved and Craig’s mom gave to me. I have gone back and forth with keeping it since he left. I truly love it, and his mom asked me to keep it. For a little while I put it away, but it is back hanging at my front entrance.

    I still love my mother in law. She is a lovely woman, and I like my FIL when he was alive. I like to think this picture connects me to them.

    It’s funny how things hold meaning.



    • janieleeds says:

      I think that if the painting brings you joy then you keep it Anne!! How wonderful that you still love your MIL. I do not have that feeling anymore with mine due to how she’s treated me.
      But yes, it is funny how items hold meaning and that’s where I need a hand to hold in order to release them when they aren’t positive energy for me. 🙂

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  2. scr4pl80 says:

    Yes, we definitely need some outside guidance sometimes when we are dealing with things so close to our hearts. You are lucky to have such a friend. Enjoy your new sunshine.

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  3. bone&silver says:

    Let go and let flow I say!

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  4. LA says:

    That’s a friend!


  5. Jane Sturgeon says:

    Loving friendship and we so need someone we can trust at times to help us let go. ❤


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