Spring Into Rebirth

I’ve got a buzzing going on inside of me lately. A sort of tingle that I’ve not felt in years. It’s like I feel that hopefulness that comes with Spring and the crocuses (croci?) begin to push through the earth in order to blossom. The daffodils are blooming and all feels right…on…the…edge…of…something…new!

Are you feeling it too? Or is it just me feeling a little giddy for no apparent reason? It’s like the clock rolled back 20 years and even though I don’t look like I’m 30, I’m feeling that little oomph and tingle. And yes, I’ve already gone through menopause so it’s not my hormones acting up. I don’t know why. I have this silly grin on and feel like the Cheshire Cat with a secret and yet…

There’s no reason for any of it.

That’s the funny part!

So, I’ve been dancing around the kitchen lately too. Gyrating my hips to 80’s music while cooking dinner for the kids who are upstairs (and not seeing their 50ish Mom dancing like it’s 1999 to Prince)! LOL Does that bring you back to the ‘good old days’?

Then there are nights that soulful Stevie Nicks comes into the playlist and I’m immediately back in high school and college, transported back to the days when love was young and new…

I don’t know what’s going on with me, but you know what? I’ll take it! I haven’t felt like this in years and please don’t stop the music and let me stay on this carousel of remembering who I once was and who I still am deep inside. You know, the woman I am after we remove all the roles of Mom, responsible one, worrier etc. LOL

Just leave me here for the weekend…I’ll straighten up on Monday. But until then…

Secret Grin….wouldn’t you like to know what I’m thinking….

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2 Responses to Spring Into Rebirth

  1. scr4pl80 says:

    Love when those feelings come over me too! Usually it’s when I’m in the studio. Dance the weekend away!


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