Strange Nightmare

I had a nightmare last night about being with friends who had turned into zombies. I have never remembered dreaming anything like this before now. The strange thing was that in my dream, some of my friends were zombies, but they still looked the same during daylight hours, so I wasn’t sure if they were human or zombies.

There was a spot that the zombies wore near their hairline on their foreheads, but it could be covered up so you were never sure who was what. But what I remember is trying to blend in with the zombies so that I could continue my work and they wouldn’t know.

I knew that my work was really important. I was working on a cure for the zombie affect and while they weren’t really zombies, like eating people or whatever zombies do, they had turned sinister. And they were actively looking for those of us who were still human, yet life was like it is now. People going to work etc., but at night it was different.

I remember in my dream that I lived in a high rise apartment (in real life I don’t). I didn’t go out after dark no matter what because of the mess that happened when the sun went down. I was peering out of my window down to the street below and watching cars being overturned and burnt up, people screaming and so I hid with my lights off so that the zombies would think I was outside.

There were a few humans still around, but we always chanced being turned into zombies. A good friend of mine (in real life) arrived at my door under the cover of darkness frightened. I wasn’t sure if she was a zombie who was trying to trick me or a human needing help. I let her in and she collapsed into my arms sobbing. I remember feeling her forehead and there was no mark, so she was human. She was telling me that she had trusted another good friend of ours (in real life) and had been tricked. It was sheer luck that she had escaped from being turned into a zombie.

She told me that she thought I was still human so that’s why she came to my apartment for she had no other place to go. I calmed her down and we began talking in whispers because apparently, in my dream, my house was sometimes bugged.

At some point, we had to leave the house and go outside for some reason (I don’t know why). I remember being terrified and crying, running through the streets trying to stay hidden. Suddenly the other friend (who’s a zombie) accosted us. Her face which is normally beautiful was angry, ugly and scarred (because she was a zombie) and I just remember thinking that this was what sinister looked like behind the mask of daylight.

She was trying to grab us and calling to the other zombies to help her. Somehow we wriggled out of her grasp, pushed her down and began to run. I woke up a sweaty clenched mess just as someone had tackled me in my dream.

And to top this all off, did you know that the CDC website has a section on Zombies?

Anybody know what in the world that’s about????

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7 Responses to Strange Nightmare

  1. The V Pub says:

    Yes! I discovered that CDC poster, too. How strange! You nightmare sounds like a very scary dream.


  2. scr4pl80 says:

    I don’t know if I’d want to find out the meaning of that dream!


  3. LA says:

    A section on zombies! ๐Ÿ˜†


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