Have You Been Vaccinated?

I’ve been sitting on the fence wanting to write about this and not, because I thought it might bring a firestorm of emotion, but here it goes.

Have you been vaccinated? Are you planning on getting it? Or are you not?

What are your feelings about it?

Should it be mandatory? Or not?

What’s your experience been with it?

Perhaps this should be a 2 part-er, but I’m not sure I’m up to it, so let’s see how it goes. I read vaccine-shamer on Mischenko’s blog this morning and this post just began to write itself, so thank you for the inspiration!

Because I have not been vaccinated. I don’t want to get it until I see how it goes with everyone else. I don’t like shots to begin with and never get the Flu shot either. I wouldn’t get the shingles shot come to think of it. I don’t like meds and so I stay away from them as much as possible.

I am leery about the vaccine though and the rapid way in which it felt as if it were suddenly released after Covid began. It makes me suspect for many reasons and while I’ve heard some of those controversial theories, I don’t know what to believe anymore. But I do know that when I look at what’s been presented as facts, there’s something in my head that doesn’t add up so unless I have to get it, I will wait (thank you very much).

Because as I understand it, even if you get vaccinated, you can still get Covid (but to a lesser degree). It’s not that you are now free as a bird to do as you please and run ’round mask-less touching people (ok being a little facetious), but you get what I’m trying to say?

Also, there are many strains of Covid now which means that the vaccine that you get might not help you if you come down with a another strain of it. A dear family member of mine always got the flu shot, but she was exposed to a different strain of the flu and passed away from it. I find it to be a similar situation in my head.

Additionally, as I understand it, the vaccine is only good for 3 months? And there’s not a lot of data as to what the long term side affects can be with the vaccine or without it.

Please correct me if my information is not up to date. (nicely please, I’m only asking….)

So I have friends who are joyfully relieved that they’ve gotten their vaccines. Overjoyed and excited to see their family members which I completely understand. But what I don’t get it that it seems to me that they feel the vaccine is their freedom card and prevents them from the illness. But you still have to wear a mask. You can still carry the virus even when vaccinated and you can still get the virus (but to a lesser level?) when vaccinated.

Or is it that I’m just misinformed?

Because I was vaccine shamed by close friends and it felt really awful. Shamed into being the reason that was holding back America from the mask-less freedom we enjoyed prior to 2019 in my friend group because it seems I’m the lone duck who hasn’t jumped at the chance to get the vaccine and who doesn’t want to get it. While the shaming was done as ‘we care about you and we don’t want you to get sick’ there was something bizarre about the peer pressure in rushing out to get a shot for a virus that has many strains, many short/long term side effects and kills some and leaves others have hardly any symptoms.

Then there’s the 3 different vaccines that are available. Each with their own set of side-effects etc. How do you know which one to choose? And why don’t you get to choose? And who’s the biochemist behind them? And maybe I understand there’s not a one-size-fits-all, but there’s something that just doesn’t add up for me.

I’m not one of those people who goes down the rabbit hole of conspiracy, so I’m not going down that path of thinking this is political or world domination or whatever. That is not what this post is about…

I’m just me. Asking you. To be nice and tell me what you think about the vaccine without vaccine shaming me.

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26 Responses to Have You Been Vaccinated?

  1. I’ll be first here with my longwinded and not medical degree response. I do feel your dilemma. I’m wary of all vaccines, even the ones we’ve all had, like polio, MMR, etc. I’m wary about putting anything unnatural in my body because you just never know, do you? I’ve been vegan for so many years for that same reasoning. Not just because I don’t support eating animals, but do we really know what we’re eating? Antibiotics, growth hormones, tumors, parasites-yuck.
    Scientists and doctors and trials create data on a segment of the population, but everyone can react differently, of course. It’s in the statistics. Regarding the covid vaccine, I got both doses even though I really was sorta conflicted about it. Had an allergic reaction to the first one and got sick for about 24 hours with the second dose as it activated my immune system. Otherwise, no problems.
    I am going through this same turmoil regarding a drug my doc wants me to take for osteoporosis. So far I’ve declined. Side effects can include spontaneous jaw bone necrosis, thigh bone fractures, and something with the esophagus as well as somehow it interferes with any needed dental work. So a drug to prevent fractures CAUSES fractures? Hmmm. How smart is that?
    Bottom line is that the covid vaccine will probably be required for everyone like other vaccine and it’s probably safe. All the docs and scientists I know personally tell me it’s safe, so fingers crossed. Numbers of covid cases even with variants are way down in my state and we’ve vaccinated the most people, so maybe the vaccine IS doing its job.


  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    I’m so sorry you got shamed and especially by close friends. That to me is just wrong wrong wrong! It’s definitely a personal choice and being so no right or wrong answer.


    • janieleeds says:

      Thanks Dwight. It was very awkward and I know they were just looking out for me and wanting me to be safe, but it was the strength in which I felt the shaming that made me sad. They have good hearts but again, I think it’s a personal choice. Thanks for your support.

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  3. The V Pub says:

    I think it should remain up to the individual. I plan on getting it, but that’s just me. Here’s an interesting take on the vaccine, specifically the Pfizer one.


    • janieleeds says:

      Rob, thanks for sharing. I agree that it remains an individual choice for now hopefully until there’s more evidence that it lasts and works! I pray it works and I’m grateful to those who have taken the vaccine so that we know what happens with it. Good luck with yours. I didn’t see the Pfizer that you mentioned…thanks for sharing.

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  4. Ainsobriety says:

    I’m not vaccinated and don’t plan to be.
    Where I live I won’t even be offered a vaccine for months.

    The potential side effects scare me. I am waiting for a while.

    I am not an anti vaxxer. My kids and I have all our shots. I am just unwilling to join a big experiment.



    • janieleeds says:

      Anne that’s kind of how I feel. I don’t want to be the guinea pig. I have health issues to begin with and am always the one who gets whatever 2% side effect is listed (and I never read the side-effects) if I can help it. So it’s not that I manifest them. LOL. I’m not anti-vaxx either. My kids and I have had all the shots that are needed (except this one). Well, one kid had it already but not the other one yet. And I will see how it all plays out…thanks for sharing your story.

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  5. It’s not right to shame people for their personal medical choices so I’m terribly sorry that happened to you. I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’ve gotten every vaccine recommended by my doctor that’s been proven effective with it’s track-record. I just got my tetanus booster last month btw. However, I’m getting mixed signals about this covid vaccine. The same people that are telling us to get it, are also telling us that it’s not effective. Too bad so sad, but I’m not injecting anything into my body if it’s not going to achieve its stated purpose.


    • janieleeds says:

      Pepper, that’s how I feel. Until there’s a little more concrete information, I’ll not be doing it. Or unless it’s become mandatory which so far, it has not. I’m impressed as I don’t take any shots if I can help it. I’m not anti-vaxx, just anti-shot! LOL Thanks for sharing.


  6. petespringerauthor says:

    My wife got the Johnson and Johnson (the one shot variety) and she is done. I got the Pfizer about a week ago, and I get the second vaccine in two weeks. We decided a long time ago that we would go this route. Fortunately, neither of us has had any side effects. My wife has struggled with this whole thing more than I have, and I immediately saw a change in her spirits. We have been super responsible throughout. I can understand people’s reluctance, but considering the alternative (approaching 600,000 deaths in the U.S.) it wasn’t that hard a decision for me. It isn’t a get out of jail free card, but both of our anxiety levels have been reduced. One only has to look at the statistics to see the correlation with fewer deaths and increased vaccinations. We’ve only seen our son once in a year. We just booked plane tickets today for May. We’ll still wear a mask in any kind of public situation. Good luck with your decision. No one should shame you whatever you decide to do.

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    • janieleeds says:

      Thank you Pete. I am glad all is well with you and your wife! I know that it eases anxiety to have the shot and makes the planning to see your son even happier! We wear masks here always (except in the house) and stay vigilant about washing etc. I appreciate your kindness and your sharing here.

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  7. scr4pl80 says:

    My husband and two of our kids have had the vaccines. My daughter and I had no symptoms whatsoever. My husband and son each had slight symptoms that did not last more than a day. Our son had Moderna, the rest of us had the Pfizer. My husband has actually had Covid, before the vaccine. Our understanding is that two weeks after the second injection we were 95% protected. We could still possibly transmit the virus to others so we still wear masks, especially around people who have not been vaccinated. Our other daughter does not want to get the vaccine yet for similar reasons that you give. She says she doesn’t know what the long term effects will be, especially around getting pregnant. My feeling is that while the vaccines were released relatively quickly, I think that since they have had flu shots for years, they probably used those as a base and then added whatever needed to be added to control this strain so it’s not like they were starting from scratch. I never used to get flu shots either and never got the flu so maybe I just have a good immune system, but I did get the vaccine because I really want this stuff to go away.

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  8. LA says:

    Yes I was vaccinated. No, it shouldn’t be mandatory. No one should Shane anyone into doing it. The vaccine is as much a risk as not getting it. (Look at Atrazenaca) Every person has the right to choose what they want to do. No guilt. No shame. Individuals making their own decisions.


  9. OmniRunner says:

    I’m all in for the vaccine and just signed up to get it on Monday.
    No vaccine is 100% so the fact the none of these are 100% shouldn’t be a factor. Seat belts don’t save everyone but they sure helped Tiger Woods.
    They rushed the approval process and funding, not the science. Red tape makes so many things in this country take too long.
    A co-worker of mine who is 60+ was in a clinical trial and that was 6-7 months ago. He’s still fine.
    If 20% of Americans do not get the shot they will be the petri dish where the virus will continue to mutate until no vaccine is effective at all.


    • janieleeds says:

      Thank you for sharing. I wear my seat belt all the time so your perspective was helpful about the vaccine. Thanks for helping me with that thought. Good luck with your dose!


  10. TJ Fox says:

    I’m getting mine on Tuesday. I’ve been watching and listening to the scientists on this and feel like it is really the best option for everyone. I do struggle with those that refuse to get one because it is a risk, especially to those that are at a higher risk and maybe can’t get a vaccine. While it is a personal choice, I think there is an overabundance of false information floating around and too many are ignoring the science. I don’t think it would be nearly as big of an issue if it wasn’t such a large swath of the population refusing to get one. It makes it so much harder to stop the spread. I don’t want to shame, though I do understand the frustration. I’m grateful for the opportunity to finally get mine because it means my son can FINALLY get to see his GF who has a sister who is at extremely high risk. We’ve locked that option out until everyone in both families can get vaccinated to keep her sister safe.


    • janieleeds says:

      TJ thank you for being kind and speaking your truth. I like that about you. While I’m not refusing to have it, I’m just about waiting to see what happens. As I understand it, the vaccine makes it harder to get the virus if you’re vaccinated, but it doesn’t stop the spread completely because a vaccinated person can still carry it? It’s so hard isn’t it? I hope your son’s GF stays healthy as well as you and your whole family!

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  11. Vinny says:

    It’s got to be the individuals decision. If somebody doesn’t want it then that’s their choice. I had my first vaccination in march, simply because I caught the virus last year and it nearly killed me. So for me it was a no brainer.


    • janieleeds says:

      I’m glad you got your vaccination and that you survived the virus. Thank goodness you’re here to tell me about your experience. Thanks for taking the time. Stay well!


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