I’m Back Again!

Did you miss me? I know I’ve missed all of you! I’m sorry I’ve not been writing more lately, but it’s been really busy here. Divorced parenting never stops even when the kids are in their early 20’s because they live with me! It’s awesome that they like to chat with me and talk about their lives, their thoughts and their troubles. But I need a mini vacation! LOL

Since the older kid and his girlfriend broke up, our lives have been less drama-filled which is great. He’s a little sad and lonely, but he’s been working more so that’s keeping his mind off of her. His friends have been really good about staying in touch with him so that’s helping. The first few days he was really glum and brooding about it, but he seems to be doing better. We’ve all been there, right? It’s no fun when a relationship ends and I understand.

The younger one is trying online dating which has been a hoot! Just hearing about how he’s going about it makes me giggle. While I’m not starting online dating again, it’s fun to hear how he’s managing it. I won’t say I’ll never go back to online dating, but for now, I’m not into it.

The older kid went to a friend’s house for a barbecue and ended up sleeping over which was ok with me. He came back home yesterday afternoon and told me how the parents’ of his friend were just like me. In fact, the dad (a retired police officer) was the male version of me!

Well, you know I had to ask why he thought that…

“Mom, it’s because they care. They’re close with their kids and they wanted to talk with me while I was there. They were really interested in what I had to say. That’s like you. All of my friends call you ‘Mama’ for a reason. Because you listen. How cool is that? I told his parents that they’d love you and vice versa because you’re so much alike.”

Well, let me share that it made me smile to hear it although I had to laugh that the dad was a male version of me and a retired police officer! I’m not sure that man would have appreciated the comparison, but I did! LOL

The kid went on to say that years ago he would have compared his friend’s dad to his own dad (the ex), but not anymore since his own dad doesn’t really communicate with him. It always tugs on my heart that my kids feel this way when the man I married years ago changed so much over time that he’s not really in their lives and they miss the dad they once knew. And yet again, it’s the ex’s loss and my gain although I would have shared them with him. I don’t get into their relationship, but I do hear about it when the kids are upset or hurt. I try to just listen and keep my mouth shut because they have to figure out how to deal with him. Lately, they’re seeing more of his distancing, narcissism and lying which upsets them, but better to be aware then blind to what’s going on behind the scenes.

It’s always better to see without the rose-colored glasses, don’t you think?

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9 Responses to I’m Back Again!

  1. scr4pl80 says:

    What a nice thing for your son to say. Some of our kid’s friends call us their mom and dad too, especially the ones with divorced parents. Happy to be there for them. Did miss you but with the A to Z I’m struggling to keep up with everyone anyway!

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    • janieleeds says:

      I love when the kids’ friends call me Mama (Mom) and feel comfortable in my home. I am sure they feel the same way at yours Janet! I have to check out your A-Z! I bet it’s daunting but I’m sure you’re doing a great job! :). I’ll be over in a bit to read!

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  2. LA says:


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  3. petespringerauthor says:

    What a wonderful compliment to receive from your son. When somebody we love thinks highly of us, those are moments we never want to forget.


  4. Ainsobriety says:

    My daughters friends all call me the zen mom.
    They are all impressed at how well we have carried on without Craig. They see me as a kind, open minded and supported parent. Her friends are an array of gender transitioning, gay and straight kids. I embrace them all.

    Cleo said she thought he dad leaving was the best thing that ever happened…which is not what she expected when it first happened. She said she was initially embarrassed to have a dad who left and that some of her friend said she had a broken home.

    Kids are so brutal….and most of them have problematic families themselves. It really hurt her at the time, and she places the blames solely on her dad, where it belongs.

    I have awesome kids. She has grown so much.


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