People Need Help

Twice this past week I encountered strangers who needed help. The first one was a girl (probably in her 20’s) who was walking on a busy road pulling a suitcase behind her at dusk. I actually drove past her, then decided to turn around and I ended up picking her up and driving her to the motel which was another 6 miles up the road from where I picked her up. It was a strange encounter, but the mom in me couldn’t let her be in danger of getting hit on the road at dusk. She barely said anything to me except to tell me her name which was Stephanie. She said she was between places to live, but when I got her to the motel, she said that she was staying with friends so I felt like she was safe. But what surprised me was that she took a ride from me, a stranger, even though I was alone and a woman, so hopefully she felt better.

Yesterday a friend and I went to a cute nearby town to shop. We watched an old man hobble into the bank near where I parked my car. As we were heading back to the car, we saw that same old man crumpled in the middle of the street by his car, with the door ajar. He had fallen and couldn’t get up. A nearby Fed Ex driver stopped and helped us get him back in the car. We asked if we could get him help, but the man didn’t want any and we didn’t want to insist.

We have to look around and be aware. People need help and don’t ask for it. I feel like these types of situations come in threes, so I’m waiting for my next opportunity to be of help.

Have you had any similar situations recently?

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6 Responses to People Need Help

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Nice job, Janie! Definitely plenty of folks surrounding us that could use a helping hand.👍


  2. LA says:

    I am not a trusting person. I also live in a place where I’m probably not going to notice things.


  3. Ainsobriety says:

    We are still mainly in covid stay at home.
    I have noted a few people I know seem off online wind have contacted them and provided a safe space for them to cry and vent.
    I think that is something most of us want, but never learned how to ask.
    I have decided it doesn’t hurt to ask, and I respect a no as well as a yes.

    Great job!


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