Tuesday With Mr. Kitty

Well, we’ve made it through another night together, Fido, Mr. Kitty and me. I was awakened before dawn by Mr. Kitty who was standing on my chest and energetically licking my face for me to get up. Seriously? Apparently breakfast is demanded by 5am here. I am not a fan of the face licking, nor the hour. Thank goodness I figured out their fancy coffee maker so that I didn’t have to sleepily try to do that! I’m a girl who needs her coffee first thing in the morning!

But no, when I didn’t hop up when Mr. Kitty gave my face its wake up, Fido took over and began his deep insistent bark to punctuate the situation. And because I didn’t want to have to clean up any messes, I hopped off the couch to let him out immediately. He went out, did his thing and was back in the house in a flash showing more energy than ever. I fed them both and groggily went up to turn on the coffee. Now I think I need a nap but I’m not sure these two will allow it. LOL

I’m a day behind so let me catch you up. Even with the extreme heat, Fido was barking to go out every few minutes so dutifully I took him. Because he wanders away from the yard now, I had to accompany him, but I did it. He did scare me a few times when his back legs buckled (hip dysplasia), but I wanted him to know I was always nearby. Who at the end doesn’t want to know that they are supported and loved?

It’s Wednesday morning. We had a good night last night and this morning I awoke before the pets. Mr. Kitty didn’t have to wake me! It’s been a good morning so far and they’ll be home later on this afternoon. I FaceTimed with my brother and his family so Fido could see them and hear their voices. He perked up when they were talking to him so I know he’ll be excited to have his family back home.

I took some photos and videos for them. I think they’re taking him to the vet on Friday so we’ll see what happens. I am grateful I was here for him/them. It was good for all of us. I hope you all have a Happy Wednesday! Thanks for all of your support!!

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4 Responses to Tuesday With Mr. Kitty

  1. Beth W. says:

    You are a very good sister 😊 That was wonderful that you were there to care for their fur babies. It is so much easier to leave them knowing they are in caring and capable hands.


    • janieleeds says:

      Thanks Beth! It was my pleasure honestly even though blech, I don’t even want to think what else has that cat licked??? LOL


      • Beth W. says:

        Hahaha! I hear you! My sister was just telling me about the mice that their kitty has played and toyed with. 😳. I hope you can get some restful, kitty kiss and dog bark free sleep once you’re back home! 😄


      • janieleeds says:

        Thank you Beth! Me too! I’m just glad that Mr. Kitty doesn’t bring me presents LOL I don’t do well with rodents no matter how cute Mickey may be. 🙂

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