It’s Monday…

I don’t know where the time is going to lately. Honestly, it feels like I turn around and poof! It’s Monday again and for the life of me I can’t tell you what happened last week. Probably because it seems like it’s Groundhog Day a lot of the time lately. Same routine day in and day out. I need some more of that good Fall crisp air to invigorate me.

I did start decorating for Fall in the house. I realized though that a lot of the decorations aren’t to my taste anymore. I tried to keep a bunch of them when we moved after the divorce so the kids would see familiar things, but nowadays I don’t think they care quite so much and I can move on. Give away what doesn’t suit me anymore. Let go of what was.

Lately I’ve been in a funk. You can probably tell from my lack of writing. I have started so many posts, but then I never publish them. I’m really tired lately. I’m not sure why, but I’m definitely lacking my energy. Netflix ad nauseam isn’t helping either. I feel like I’m just marking time.

Until what? Who the heck knows?

Anyway I just wanted to say good morning to all of you and wish you a week filled with lovely surprises. I saw a shooting star last night and wished on it. May all our wishes be fulfilled.

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17 Responses to It’s Monday…

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Good morning sunshine☀️. You’re going to have an amazing week! Find a park or trail and go for a walk this week, take some fall photos, and report back if you wish. Exercise does improve our mood immediately. 🤗❤️

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  2. Beth W. says:

    Hooray for shooting stars!! Sounds like it is a good time to look into a local community education class. 😊 I have taken classes that were 2 hours to 8 weeks. I know the things I learned in my drawing class were so helpful when I was sunken down in the dumps last winter. The watercolor class in the spring did wonders for my spirit. For sure exercise helps. I like mine as walking around a park or around the neighborhood, but the treadmill works too, just not very nice scenery. 😉 You could also plant some fall bulbs so you’ll have spring flowers to look forward to. 🌱🌷⚘🌸Hope you find something that perks you up! ❤😊❤

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    • janieleeds says:

      What an amazing list of fun things to do! Yay! You should do a post on them (otherwise I may take your list and post it as I love it!!) 🙂 I actually sat outside for a bit and then talked to two good friends for awhile and it helped. But the idea of a class is brilliant! What a great idea…I may look into something because I’m feeling like a need a perk – me – up! Your watercolors are awesome by the way! You have a gift!! 🌸🤗

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      • Beth W. says:

        I’m glad you liked my list 🙂 Feel free to use it any way you wish. You have a wonderful way with words, so I’m sure you could do something eloquent with it! 🙂 I find classes are a good, easy way to get out of my comfort zone. (especially the one or two session ones!) Thank you so much for the nice compliment. I am trying to mix a bit of the drawing and watercolors in my latest creations. I plan to do a post if I get a chance to sit down in the next day or two…haha! 🙂 You’ll have to let me know what you find for classes. Sometimes even a 2 hour session at one of the Pottery 2 Paint or Canvas 2 Paint places can be super fun with a friend or two! 🙂 Whatever you decide, you will make it amazing, I’m sure!! ❤


      • janieleeds says:

        Thank you Beth! I will have to check it out and see what’s around and available here, but those are great ideas! 🙂 Your watercolors are beautiful!! I love to see what you’re drawing and painting so keep up the great work! I’ll be waiting for the next post in smiling anticipation! 🥰


  3. LA says:

    We all have moments…sending hugs

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  4. scr4pl80 says:

    I hear you. I don’t decorate the house anymore at all except for Christmas and then only the tree. I have SO many decorations from when the kids were little but now I just don’t feel like dusting them all so I don’t put them out. I should get rid of them too. Yay for shooting stars!

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    • janieleeds says:

      Janet you made me giggle because of the ‘dusting’ comment because I feel similarly! LOL But I still do it because I like the look of the different colors and change in the house atmosphere when I do decorate. It mixes it up! 🙂 Yes, yay for shooting stars!!

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  5. E.A. Wickham says:

    I’ve never been much of a decorator except for the Christmas tree and a wreath I made. I hope you have a good week. I’ve been focused on doing something every day just for me. A walk, a swim, stretching, reading a good book, etc. I try to set aside time for to do something healthy for me.


  6. Wishing you a wonderful week! Hope your day perks up! Don’t be so hard on yourself, we ALL have these moments!


  7. petespringerauthor says:

    I hope you get out of your funk soon, Janie. I think we all are tired of Covid and could use some more optimistic news.


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