Kindness For Fido’s Family

My brother’s family has Covid even though they’re all vaxxed. Ten days after my brother’s first symptom, the dog got sick. You remember the dog, right? I pet sat Fido and Mr. Kitty a few months ago. Well, Fido’s not been doing well for awhile now. And suddenly his back legs weren’t able to hold him up at all, right on the day my brother was out of quarantine for Covid.

The ER vet said that he could get a prescription to help the dog for another month or so, but they decided to finally let the dog go. Just shy of fifteen years is a long time with a beloved pet so it was hard, but thankfully they did it.

My SIL called the vet and asked a huge favor – that she could be there even though she was positive and the vet allowed it. Outside only on the grass with huge precautions, she was able to be with my brother and Fido as he passed.

The whole family was really sad about Fido’s passing, but it had gotten really hard for Fido and I was glad that they let him go. And my brother is such a good guy, he went out and got my SIL’s favorite chocolates and flowers to give to her from Fido as he knew she didn’t want to let Fido go, but that it was time. He’s an awesome guy.

I asked my SIL if she told Mr. Kitty about Fido’s passing as I’m sure Mr. Kitty is wondering where his favorite dog friend is. But she thought I was nuts to even think that…I don’t know. I talk to my pets.

Do you?

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17 Responses to Kindness For Fido’s Family

  1. E.A. Wickham says:

    Our yellow lab Angus couldn’t get up without help either. He would get lost in the garage instead of going out to the street to pick up the newspapers — which was his job every morning for the 15 years we had him. It’s hard to let go, but when we are keeping them alive for our own sake, it’s time to rethink that. I’m sorry to hear about Fido’s passing. I’m glad your SIL got to be there. And yes, my kitty was so depressed after Angus was gone. I’ve always talked to my pets, too.


  2. Beth W. says:

    Oh, that is the hardest thing. 😪 I feel for them. So glad they were able to be with Fido at the end❤ Your brother is very kind and thoughtful! And I talk to Romeo all the time. Most times he cocks his head and looks at me like he understands, so I’m going to keep talking to him and believing that he does know what I’m saying, or at the very least is listening. 😁


  3. scr4pl80 says:

    Sorry about Fido. We had to put a couple of cats down and it is not easy. Yes, definitely talk to our dog. Sometimes I think he actually listens better than the kids – LOL


  4. The V Pub says:

    My condolences for Fido. They truly are a part of our families. I had to let go of my dog two years ago, after twelve years of friendship. I held him as he had taken his last breath. He’s gone, but he’ll always be with me.


    • janieleeds says:

      I remember when you lost your dog so please accept my condolences…they are a big part of our families and there’s a gaping hole when they are no longer with us. Thanks Rob. How’s you puppy doing?


  5. LA says:

    Yes I do!! They’re the only ones who listen to me


  6. TJ Fox says:

    Our older cat went through about a year of grieving after our dog passed. She lost weight and was not as affectionate and often cranky, which was so unusual for her. For a while, I thought it was just because she was also older and maybe not doing so well, but after that year, she started putting on weight again and got more playful with our other cat and wanted more snuggle times, which she had avoided. That’s when I realized what she’d actually been going through. Animals experience grief the same as humans.


  7. petespringerauthor says:

    We had to put one of our two yellow labs down quite abruptly near the start of the pandemic last year. His cancer spread rapidly, and he was only 7. That was when the toilet paper was lying off the shelf, and people mainly were staying home. Somehow, the grieving process was not the same. It’s been well over a year, and I still can’t bring up Jake’s name without my wife getting weepy.


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