I started watching a movie called Holidate last night. I haven’t finished it because I got a phone call from a friend and then didn’t go back to it after we talked. But I’m planning on it today. The reason I’m bringing it up is because the holidays are coming and well, I like the idea of a holidate.

Holidate: someone to have fun with on the holidays with no strings attached. You deal with my family and I’ll deal with yours. No friends with benefits to begin and just the fun of having a companion at parties. Sign me up! Of course, if we hit it off, I’d be interested in maybe more…

But does this happen in real life or is it just another one of those wishful thinking movies? LOL While the wishful thinking movies are a feel good while watching them, they’re a complete let down after the nostalgia and imaginative what if’s wear off.

I don’t have any holiday work parties to attend so I don’t need a holidate. But I think it would be fun to be someone else’s. I used to attend a ton of parties back when I was married for his work. While he may not have liked them, I always did.

Too bad we still have this darn virus and restrictions swirling. I’d love to go be someone’s plus one just to get back out there socializing. I guess I just have to wait a bit more…

I think I’m feeling a little impatient…LOL

Have you ever been someone’s plus one? I went to a wedding with an old boyfriend as his plus one because we knew the bride and groom really well. He ended up going home with one of the bridesmaids and I called my then boyfriend to come pick me up. It was pretty funny because he asked my boyfriend if I could be his plus one and promised that nothing would happen. And it didn’t. But it was a great laugh when people saw us together and then saw my boyfriend pick me up while my date was going home with someone else

Ahhh youth. I’ll probably be that old woman who tells the tales of her youth and laughs because those were the days..

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8 Responses to Holidate

  1. Becoming Shakti says:

    Never a plus one, but I’d go with a girlfriend only if we could leave when I wanted to, which would be early!


  2. Ainsobriety says:

    I liked that one. I’m a cute movie sucker.
    I’ve never been a plus 1. My ex and I were together for 25 years. That was a lot of my life!


  3. LA says:

    I’ve never been someone’s plus one. I’m so quiet and reserved when I don’t know people. I would make an awful plus one


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