A Chance Meeting

I went shopping with my SIL (married to my brother) yesterday. We were in this cute town that had a ton of shoppes that were filled with antiquities, clothing and, like small boutiques, each was filled with different items. Imagine my shock when we entered one and I spied a few pieces of pottery with the ex’s name of them as the artist. Exact spelling. My head swum as I tried to make sense of it.

I asked the saleswoman if this were a local artist, but she said he was out of a nearby state. I was still stunned because of how weird it was to see his name on a work of art. That man wasn’t artistic at all, so I would have been shocked if he had been the artist, but still. I haven’t seen his name in a long time. And yes, when I got home I googled his name and there is a man with his exact name who is known for his pottery. Interesting, huh?

Then…as we do, we entered the last store and said hello but kept looking around. Suddenly a girl said my name and I turned to see my ex-husband’s niece in front of me. She worked there. We hugged and I got teary. It had been over four years since I had seen her and more since we had been together at family functions. She was excited to see me as well and as we talked (and hugged a few times) it was bittersweet because I had missed her growing up these last few years. But still, she was happy to see me as I was her.

It’s strange how life evolves. When I was married, we had a lot of family functions and I loved spending time with them. It just felt good though to reconnect even for a few minutes in a store. And I’m just relieved that I saw her and not the ex! LOL

Anyway, it was an interesting weekend. How was yours?

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11 Responses to A Chance Meeting

  1. LA says:

    What an odd coincidence. But I recently read a book where the theme was no coincidence no story…so I love when I hear things like this

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  2. Beth W. says:

    That is sweet that you got to reconnect with your ex’s niece. ❤ It is sad that getting rid of the toxic person also puts you out of touch with the good connections. That is really strange that there happens to be an artist with the same exact name! Did you like his work? Life really is funny sometimes!! The shopping sounds fun! I hope your Christmas preparations have been enjoyable and not too stressful! I know I seem to keep finding "one more thing", but I think all in all I am just about ready for the holiday!!

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    • janieleeds says:

      Good for you Beth to be just about ready for the holidays! That’s awesome! I am woefully behind I think, although I’m getting there slowly but surely. The pottery was pretty, but not my style. It was just a huge surprise when I saw his name on it. LOL Looking forward to hearing about the fun holidays with your family! Enjoy every moment!


  3. Dwight Hyde says:

    That’s trippy! I hear you on missing some of the ex’s relations. I’m still friends and in contact with her dad. Great guy and mentor for me.


  4. bone&silver says:

    Phew, deep breath needed!

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  5. hbsuefred says:

    I feel ya, GF! My new year’s resolution/mantra is “I don’t love him. I don’t like him. I don’t want to ever see him again.” I may need to add “I don’t want to hear from him ever again either.” There’s still one outstanding detail of the divorce and he texted me last night, signing off with “Wishing you a heartfelt joyous new year.” Liar! After that I let an old friend have it after she suggested I pretend to be nice to him. Why? I don’t want or need anything from him now.

    I promised my daughter #1 I wouldn’t ask about him anymore. I won’t with her and it’s still my intent to drop him and anything about him completely from my life. I confirmed, though, that he already had a new GF before our divorce was settled. I thought about it and realized he had done the same with me! Clearly good riddance now.


    • janieleeds says:

      It’s a slow journey, unhooking ourselves from our marriages, our exes and our lives before divorce. While I love and applaud your determination, may I suggest that you make your New Years’s mantra is little differently? Perhaps “I love me. I like me. I am perfect, whole and complete just as I am! This is MY year to blossom, to flourish and to be authentically ME!”
      My suggestion to not make it about him, but instead about you makes it a positive year ahead full of abundance instead of lack. You have every right to feel the way you do as I’ve been there myself. But I found the healing to be quicker when I simply dropped him out of my sights (thoughts) and instead concentrated on me! Because if you’re thinking about him, “I don’t love him…etc” then you’re still thinking about him. Does that make sense???
      I’m sorry, please take this comment from the place it’s intended (from love and friendship and a caring heart who’s experienced a similar situation). Big hugs to you! May your 2022 be awesome!


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