Ideas To Help New Year Blues

The past few years have been tough, so it’s no wonder that some of us are having a soggy moment lately. The worry and fear mongers with the virus etc. hasn’t been easy to handle for anyone. Now that the counts are back up and it seems this next wave is more contagious, well, it’s got me worried too. We had to bail on our Christmas and New Year’s Eve plans with my brother and his family because they ended up getting sick. And I haven’t really been out anywhere since before Christmas only because I don’t want to chance it.

So what do you do about it – when the 1/2 full glass feels emptier than normal? Not that I’ve completely turned the corner (filled up my glass again), but I’m on my way and thought I’d share what I’ve been doing.

  1. SLEEP – I’ve been going to be earlier than usual. This actually seems to be helping.
  2. WATER – I’m not a huge water drinker so I’ve been trying to stay more hydrated.
  3. NOT BEING SO HARD ON MYSELF OR OTHERS – I’ve been trying to let go and let everyone just live their own lives and let myself relax more than usual.
  4. WRITING – I’ve been journaling more, allowing myself to just let the pen write on its own about whatever I’m thinking, feeling and getting it out onto the page and then reading it without judgment. It’s been an interesting endeavor and has opened my eyes a bit.
  5. EAT BETTER – Normal New Year’s resolution, except I don’t make them. But I am trying to be more cognizant of what I’m eating. That being said, chocolate and an occasional glass of wine are still allowed.
  6. KICK THE HARSH THOUGHTS – I realized that there’s nobody to tell me what to do anymore since my parents died. So why do I continue the critical voice in my head? I’ve been trying to be kinder to me (and to the kids) and go with the flow more often. Right now, does it matter if I made my bed or not? Nope. Nobody’s here to witness it so when I don’t feel like making it, I don’t. And it’s become a delicious pleasurable naughty secret (that I’ve now told you!) LOL
  7. EPSOM BATHS – I’m not inclined to take baths. I’m more of a shower girl. But these are helping to detoxify and actually are quite nice to do, so I highly recommend. The one I have has lavender in it and it smells so great that I often have no trouble falling asleep early because I’m all snuggly after the bath.
  8. WALKS – I’ve been moving more lately. Making sure I try to walk every hour around the house if the weather’s inclement or if not, at least around the block when it’s nice out.
  9. NOTICING NATURE – I’ve been sitting outside on my front porch, yes even in the cold, just looking at nature and the world around me in silence. It’s been really healing, believe it or not.
  10. TALKING WITH FRIENDS – Since I haven’t really seen anyone lately, I’ve been reaching out via text/phone to friends to check up on them and to make sure everyone is doing ok. It’s been really healing in that sometimes someone just needs a kind listener and what we give out, we get back, so it’s been awesome. Reconnecting with them has helped us all immensely.

Anyway, those are a few of the things I’ve been doing and it’s been helping. Share what you’ve been doing if you want so that we can all try different ways to feel better!

Hugs to all…

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11 Responses to Ideas To Help New Year Blues

  1. Beth W. says:

    Love all your ideas! I need to do more journaling. I have a little book that has space for a few lines a day and for 5 years worth of thoughts. I do that every day, but I had been journaling for 10 minutes every morning while I was in therapy. It was a great release and I would put my feelings at the end of each entry along with the intensity of those feelings on a scale of 1-10. It really helped me to get in touch with how I was feeling, what was bothering me and on the flip side what made me happy or excited. Connecting with nature is so wonderful. I miss being out in the gardens and yard during this time of year. I hope your glass gets filled to overflowing this year! You are definitely making a great start!! ❀

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    • janieleeds says:

      Thank you Beth! I wish the same for you! I think that nature is so healing as is journaling. Perhaps getting back into that routine of your 10 minutes a day would be beneficial. I know it helps me immensely to put things into perspective and to allow for healing and forgiveness.❀️


  2. E.A. Wickham says:

    You have lots of good ideas. I will incorporate some into my daily routine. Some I already do.


  3. Jonathan says:

    I’ve been trying to catch up with friends too. It’s easy to lose contact with people, isn’t it.


  4. Ainsobriety says:

    Very nice.
    I have a bath almost every night. I have more Epsom salts and candles than I can ever use. Lol
    It is my favourite place to read a book.

    I have no idea what 2022 is going to bring. Being comfortable at home seems like a good plan.



  5. LA says:


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