Are You Having A Cranky Monday Too?

I’ve rewritten this post a few times already, but I’m just going to hit send when this is done. I’m cranky today. Have you ever just felt cranky and want to enjoy it? LOL I know that probably sounds silly, but that’s how I’m feeling.

Hello my name is Janie and I’m cranky today. I don’t know exactly why I’m cranky, but I know that I am and somehow I deserve to be. It’s been a long time since I was this cranky and I’m frankly enjoying it. So don’t rain on my cranky day. I’m going to delight in it and stay over here in my corner of the world quietly. LOL hahaha

Have you ever felt this way? Like you’re just cranky and want to enjoy it? Allow it all to annoy you so you can get those feelings out once and for all? Or am I the only one who feels this way?

I don’t really like to be cranky, but every third blue moon I can feel this way. Like for some reason it’s ok for me to be uber cranky and if I’m going to be, then I want to enjoy it. Grouse about whatever petty silliness that I have to put up with and stomp my boots in annoyance at every prickly nuance. I told you, this happens so rarely that I just want to revel in it. Am I crazy?

I know better than to be around people when I feel this way which is nice too. A simple, I’m cranky suffices and people (read kids, dog) stay away and I get some peace and quiet in which to feel annoyed. Because you know my bark is worse than my bite so nobody wants to start me barking about all that’s wrong here at Chez Leeds. But since you didn’t ask, can I share a bit?

Money’s tight. Older kid still doesn’t have a job. Younger one’s child support ends in June and he’s only 1/2 done with university due to anxiety etc. issues. I nag, plead, guilt, encourage the older one to get a freakin’ job and I want/don’t want to throw down the gauntlet to tell him to either get out or get a job and give me money to live here. But that final straw in nearing steadily. I don’t understand him. Good kid, but afraid to fail at a job so doesn’t get one. I’m so frustrated I can’t even stand to hear myself rant about it anymore. They’re so annoying and so am I. LOL

Deadbeat Dad could be taken back to court, but last time he got away with non-payments and now I have to suffer getting repaid via garnishment at the minimum $35 a week when he owes thousands to me. That will take forever for me to be paid what is owed. Whoever said life was fair?

And, puppy had diarrhea, but thankfully he had it outside the house and not in his crate. I think that would have been the tipping point to my crankiness had he had an accident inside. Poor little thing, but he’s feeling better now.

I could keep going, but I won’t. I’ll shut up now and go back into my cranky corner. I hope you’re having a better Monday than me. Tomorrow is another day, so hopefully I get some sleep tonight and wake up bright and bushy-tailed in the morning with a smile. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my crankiness. haha

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17 Responses to Are You Having A Cranky Monday Too?

  1. The V Pub says:

    I like to be alone when I’m cranky. That way, no one can see me yell at the television. 😉


  2. scr4pl80 says:

    Sorry you have the crankies. We make our kids pay rent. Cheaper than trying to live on their own.

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  3. E.A. Wickham says:

    I was cranky yesterday. I wanted to left alone, too. Good news I got it out of the way for a new week.


  4. LA says:

    Sometimes you need a cranky day


  5. petespringerauthor says:

    We all get cranky sometimes. That means not being as patient as I like to be. Fortunately, I seem to snap out of it after one day. When I feel that way, I’d rather be myself—which is the opposite of how I usually am.

    When my parents started charging me rent, that was one of the things that got me motivated. Most young adults don’t want to live with their parents anyway. I dropped out of college and went to work. That’s when my parents started charging me rent. I got out on my own, but I had to move back home after a year. It was a very humbling experience. That’s when I got serious about school and the script flipped.

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    • janieleeds says:

      Thanks for sharing Pete. I want to script to flip for him too – so fingers crossed he gets it once the new rules begin. It’s the lack of motivation that I can’t seem to rustle up for him and I know it’s his job to motivate himself.
      I hardly ever have a cranky day, but I honored my crankiness and even enjoyed it a bit! 🙂

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  6. Dwight Hyde says:

    Hey – I’m in your corner. You’re The Champ! Now get back out there and keep on barking – Ha. Tomorrow is a new day. Life’s a trip isn’t it.


  7. bone&silver says:

    Best thing I ever did was charge my son rent as soon as he turned 18. Now he’s 22 and moved home to save money for a trip: he pays me $50/week, does 2 hours of gardening or home maintenance, & is super grateful & respectful 👍🏿
    1.5 years living out of home in a share house made him realize what a good deal I offer him- he feels supported, but also like he’s contributing- good for his self esteem. Time to change the dynamic Janie! It will be good for the young fella. And yes, we all have cranky days… there’s a SHIT TON of stuff to be cranky about! ♥️

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    • janieleeds says:

      Thanks G! I like your idea and will be doing something like this for my son because I think it’s important. And yes, there’s a lot to be cranky about, but today I’ve awakened with newfound peace so all is well! xo

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  8. Beth W. says:

    I totally get the cranky day vibe! I don’t have TOO many, but sometimes you just have to vent a bit (even to yourself) so you don’t explode. I started charging my younger son rent when he was 19 and then he moved out and had 3 roomates for several years. Now since I have the bigger house he has moved back. I think he appreciates the quieter environment and I appreciate the extra money and help with doggy sitting when I have to be gone. Hope you get everything worked out soon! 😊


    • janieleeds says:

      Thanks Beth! What a good idea to charge rent! I am sure he loves being with you (and puppy sitting) and not being with 3 roommates! Nothing like a Mom’s caring love….
      I hope my son figures it out sooner rather than later…fingers crossed! 🙂


      • Beth W. says:

        It is pretty minimal rent, but enough to help me out. 😊 I have no doubt your son will get things figured out. Seems like kids take a little more time these days, but maybe it’s because we’re not quite ready to let go. 🥰❤️🥰


      • janieleeds says:

        Thank you! I’m glad it’s minimal, but at least it’s something that helps him feel as if he’s contributing! 🙂 Some days I’m ready to completely let go…lol…and some days, I’m not! 🥰❤️🥰


  9. Ainsobriety says:

    I had some prickliness Monday. That’s what I call cranky.

    Funny, my eldest is back home and not working. No plans to work.
    He plans to live on his education money I gave him to go to school. Because he did the second semester here, he spent much less.
    He is unsure about going back in September.

    I, of course, feed him. Drive him to school.

    I am treading the line of the gauntlet,trying to just let him figure himself out. I have had a few pointed conversations that his money is ACTUALLY my money that I earned and saved for him.

    I’m not even sure myself what I want from him so I try to just enjoy his company.

    Sigh. Some days I look Adeline and wonder if I am only working to pay for our skip the dishes….and do I still want to? I would like to quit and go back to school just to enjoy learning more.

    I have 5 years to retirement, but it seems long.

    So many thoughts….


    • janieleeds says:

      Anne, I like the word prickliness! Cute!

      I’m sorry you’re in a similar boat with your son. I have been treading the line for awhile now too. So frustrating on so many levels for me. Maybe I should try to just enjoy my kid’s company instead of being so cranky with him. But I’m not sure how well I’d do with that…we shall see.

      5 years to retirement feels long, I agree. But perhaps going back to school would put a skip in your step and find a new passion? Maybe you could tell him that you’ll take the money you saved for his education and use it yourself. LOL Just kidding…

      I hope your thoughts find a direction in time. I appreciate the new thought of just enjoying my kid’s company and letting it go. Perhaps I’ll do that now and see where it takes me. 🙂

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