Starting Over

I’ve started over many times. Heck everyday is a new start, isn’t it? So what’s different about how I’m feeling today?

Well, I’m decluttering the house. There’s nobody home so it’s just me and I’m on my own schedule. Eating when I want, doing what I want when I want. It’s kinda nice to be honest. Last night I couldn’t sleep well though. I was up past 3:30am even though I’d taken a few cat naps since 1030pm. So when I woke up at 8:45am, the sun was brightly shining and well, since I had no responsibilities to anyone but me, I smiled. Responsibilities (ie kids) return tomorrow afternoon from their first dad weekend in about 6 six years so I’m going to enjoy this fully free time.

I have the music playing loudly. Nobody’s here to know. I’ve been eating all sorts of foods at crazy hours. I feel like a teenager whose parents are out of town! LOL And I’m really liking it. I had lunch yesterday at 10:30am. I may just do that today too. Because there’s nobody here to keep me regimented to a schedule and with the wacky sleep hours, who cares? It’s temporary anyway. Monday begins real life but until then…its Janie time!

My heart is still messy though and I get racing heart palpitations sometimes when I’m not really doing anything so that’s concerning. So far I haven’t passed out though while the kids were gone which is good. That’s something I really don’t need to repeat especially if I’m alone in the house so I have only been walking a little bit inside because it’s summer here and too hot to do it outside alone. I am still too weak. And I don’t like it.

But it’s Sunday Funday for me and I’m determined to enjoy it. Heck, I may even make my lunch at 10:30am a chocolate ice cream…because I CAN! LOL

I hope your day goes great too! What are you up to? Make sure you take some ‘me time’ where you can.

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18 Responses to Starting Over

  1. I love the Sunday funday! I’m at a place where I sometimes have too much time alone so I like getting out and about, meeting friends and the occasional weekend getaway. Enjoy your ice cream!

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  2. My kids were just gone with their dad too and yes, I felt and did all this! Like a teenager whose parents are out, lol. If only our kids knew… So glad you’re choosing to enjoy this time instead of sit there worried the whole time. It’s a much more peaceful choice!


  3. Letitgocoach says:

    I happy to see you’ve hit the restart button and are catching glimpses of what your life can be like when it’s just you. Really and truly darling, the possibilities are endless! 🔥


  4. E.A. Wickham says:

    My kids have been with me for five days and I’ve loved having them here. But I’m ready for quiet alone time now. I’m excited for you that you’re enjoying your time alone so much.


  5. Dwight Hyde says:

    You are well overdue for some me time. Enjoy❤️

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  6. petespringerauthor says:

    I think we spend so much of our lives being responsible that once in a while, it’s nice not to worry about anything.

    We’re continuing our record-setting spending year. Our furnace conked out, so we took care of it before the weather turned crummy. We’re flying out to Montana on Thursday to see our son and his fiancee; we like spending money on that.


    • janieleeds says:

      I would love to spend money on good stuff too like seeing your son and his new fiancee! That sounds perfect to me Pete. Sorry to hear about furnace though. That’s a tough one. You can’t not spend the money on that…safe travels and have a great time!


  7. LA says:

    My daughter left for college. I’m basking in the aloneness…


  8. hbsuefred says:

    BEST. ATTITUDE. EVER. And one I get to apply every day of my life! Everybody should be as lucky as I am, especially folks like you who have other serious problems, like your heart. Maybe this new lightness of attitude will magically apply itself to that poor old internal organ.


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