What Would You Do?

I always find it troubling and startling how some people treat others, especially single women. I’m not trying to be bratty here or a feminist (God forbid I invoke that word), but seriously, lately it’s more rampant than normal.

For instance: a friend of mine was thinking of selling her vintage car. She put it on FB and immediately some guy (with whom she was acquaintances) wrote back saying he’d like to see it and maybe buy it. She wrote back to him and they made a time for him to see it. He comes to her house and spends three hours checking out the car. Needless to say my friend had all of the oil changes and papers ready for him to see, plus she had taken beautiful care of it. He said he wanted to buy it. They agreed on a price (she took his offer) and a future date for him to pay for said car and take custody of it.

The day before he’s supposed to pick up the car, he writes to her a long message on FB (meanwhile he has her phone number so he could have called her), letting her know that “he can’t come get the car tomorrow, but he can come the following day. Oh, and by the way, he’ll take the car, (to get it out of her way). She can keep the title and he’s going to pay it off in installments. But don’t worry, he’ll just put the car at his parent’s house. After the first month, he’ll pay half of what he owes her and then in 2 more weeks, the rest of it.” He goes on to word salad (do you know that term?) talking about how he’s about to leave for church, he’s paying for his daughter’s wedding so he’s a bit short on cash and he’s having dinner with his inlaws tonight so he can’t be in touch).

Screech to a grinding halt…can you hear the brakes squeal? Uh…no and no and no.

Would he have tried to pull that on a man? I highly doubt it. Don’t you?

So why did he think that it was ok for him to do it to her? Because she was nice to him? She took his first offer (even though it was a low ball offer). But if he set the price, then why can’t he pay it? Or gather the money during the time from the bid to the time to pay? Seriously? It’s not like it was a lot of money either. She was giving it to him for a song because she wanted it to go to a good home, to someone who would enjoy it, care for it and he seemed to be the right fit.

Until he changed the deal without warning.

So she simply wrote back: “Thanks for letting me know our deal fell through. Have a good day!” because that’s what we came up with after deliberating for awhile. I mean, seriously? What in the world?

After a few minutes, suddenly he’s calling her. She ignores it because we’re on the phone. He doesn’t leave a message, but instead writes to her again.

“Guess what?! My wife found a royalty check (supposedly he writes for a magazine) that we had forgotten so I can pay in full. I’ll be there next week so let me know when it’s a good time for you.”

So what would you do? What do you think she decided to do?

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20 Responses to What Would You Do?

  1. Beth W. says:

    Oh my gosh, that is maddening ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I love her response to him about the deal falling through. I hope she decided to save the car for a better home and (hopefully) a better price. If it were me, that would have pissed me off enough that I wouldn’t sell it to him for any price. I think often we try to be “nice” and some people take that as an invitation to take advantage. How frustrating for her.

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    • janieleeds says:

      It was very frustrating for her. Thanks for your input Beth…I think it’s the shock and surprise that people don’t do what they say they are going to do…and think it’s fine when it’s not.


  2. Becoming Shakti says:

    I’d probably say something like “not today, Satan!” Agree, nobody would try that on a man.

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  3. No car till the check clears. Take it or leave it. Also, your friend picks a date convenient for her and tells him to meet at the bank. Otherwise, no deal.

    That is, if she wants/needs the money immediately. If theres no rush to sell, I’d shut that door on that guy.

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  4. LA says:

    Sell the car to someone else

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  5. The V Pub says:

    I’ve sold many guitars when male guitar players show up with less money than the agreed upon price. I just think it’s sleazy people counting on whomever it is being desperate enough to fall for their terms. This guy sounds especially sleazy.

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  6. E.A. Wickham says:

    I agree with LA. Find another buyer. There’s no guarantee with this guy that he’ll follow through.

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  7. petespringerauthor says:

    That’s a tough one. I suppose if she didn’t have any other buyers for it. . . I once sold an SUV to someone. She gave me a downpayment and told me she’d have the rest for me in a month, at which time she’d take possession of the car. In the meantime, another party contacted me and told me he’d buy it for $1,000 more than I was asking if I agreed to it that day. It would have been morally wrong, and I couldn’t do it. After three more weeks and still nothing from the original buyer, I contacted her and explained I had someone interested. I told her I’d give the deposit back if she had changed her mind. She came over the next day with the full amount.


    • janieleeds says:

      I’m glad it worked out for you that way Pete. Sorry for the delay with the payment, but thank goodness she gave you the full amount! I agree. I wouldn’t have taken the other offer either…even if it were for more money. We stick to our word…

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  8. bone&silver says:

    Great answer she gave him!

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  9. hbsuefred says:

    I recently had a similar experience and ended up selling it to somebody who had the money (+ $1k more) when he promised he would.


  10. Ruth says:

    If it was me I wouldnโ€™t sell to this chancer. But I donโ€™t know her financial situation, and sometimes we donโ€™t have the luxury of a moral stand when we need the money.


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