About Me


Well, I’ve officially turned 50 years old – hence the blog name!  I’ve decided to chronicle these life changes with hope that it sparks a community of like-minded people to bond together on this journey of life.  I have a world full of experiences behind me which have shaped my life, as I’m sure you do too!  Like a Phoenix Rising in 2018, I’m choosing to put ME first now, and not last, as I did for the previous 50 years of my life.  For, if not now, then when?

Join me in this new chapter of our lives!

Let’s grow together as we embrace our fifties!

Let’s be 50 and Fabulous Together!

P.S.  If you are at a crossroads in your life, then join me!  You don’t have to be 50 ~ just choose to live your life authentically, the way we are meant to live!

32 Responses to About Me

  1. Hi. Saw you on another site where we both won an award and thought I’d say hello and check out your site. -jay


  2. Don Royster says:

    Thanks for the follow. Hope you enjoy the entertainment.

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  3. roseelaineblog says:

    I’m 60 but young in the head 😉🙄😬😏


  4. bone&silver says:

    Hi Janie- I turned 50 last year, and it was a bit of a wild ride… I hope yours is smoother! I just turned 51, and it feels like I’m settling in to it : )
    I try and write authentically too, so I’m looking forward to following along, cheers gabrielle in Australia : )


  5. Create Space says:

    Hi Janie, if your about me is anything to go by then we have lots in common!! I’m looking forward to a lot of new adventures as we both learn to make ME time and value ourselves!


  6. Terri R. says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for following mine. I will be 53 next week and actually life is better than it has ever been! While I do have numerous health issues, I love my life today…just need to quit smoking. LOL


  7. Soul Gifts says:

    I’m waaaaay past your 50 mark! And still working on me. A journey that never ends. Bless you on yours x


  8. Hi there!

    I am 50 too and can truly relate with o your Bio. I will check your posts tomorrow as I am in the UK and it’s bedtime here. Looking forward to it. Mercedes


  9. ... says:

    Hi from New Zealand, I turned 50 2 years ago. I am looking forward to reading more of your site. Take care


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