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No Covid, But I’m Sick

I know I’m super sensitive so that’s partly the reason for wanting to step out of it all. There’s so much going on lately behind the scenes in all parts of my life. I can’t really explain it to any … Continue reading

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Duck Duck Goose!

Do you remember playing this game – Duck Duck Goose! – as you tapped someone on the head and they jumped up to run around the seated circle of kids while you ran to get to your spot before they … Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes

It was a bit of a rough last week here at Chez Leeds. Tons of stuff going on front and center with lots of behind the scenes crap being revealed. Changes in relationships, truths being revealed and the noticing of … Continue reading

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Holding Out For A Hero

Do you remember that song by Bonnie Tyler? I remember hearing it in Footloose the movie with Kevin Bacon back in the 80’s and I also remembered hearing it in one of the Shrek movies too. Do you recognize it? … Continue reading

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A friend suggested I read this book called Untamed by Glennon Doyle and what an incredible eye-opener it’s been! While I haven’t finished the book yet, I wanted to ask if any of you have read it??? Because it’s got … Continue reading

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Helping A Friend Through The Aftermath Of Divorce

I spent all day yesterday with a friend who’s divorced. Although our kids were in school together, we weren’t friends. We met after the ex left me via mutual friends. Subsequently her marriage imploded and so we bonded. She’s doing … Continue reading

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Tuesday With Mr. Kitty

Well, we’ve made it through another night together, Fido, Mr. Kitty and me. I was awakened before dawn by Mr. Kitty who was standing on my chest and energetically licking my face for me to get up. Seriously? Apparently breakfast … Continue reading

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Monday With Fido

I’m here at my brother’s home taking care of his dog Fido and Mr. Kitty while they’re away. We made it through Monday together pretty well. I think Fido and I have a little understanding. I stay within his view … Continue reading

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Dog Sitting

I’m going to my brother’s house next week to stay for a few days. It should be interesting as I’m going to be dog sitting his almost 14 year old dog and also his cat. I don’t mind because they’ve … Continue reading

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