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What Would You Do?

I always find it troubling and startling how some people treat others, especially single women. I’m not trying to be bratty here or a feminist (God forbid I invoke that word), but seriously, lately it’s more rampant than normal. For … Continue reading

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I’m Fine

It’s the kiss of death to hear someone say” I’m Fine.” At least for me because depending on how those two words are said, well, let’s just say there’s a world of difference! Of course we’ve all probably seen those … Continue reading

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Something for Me – Beauty Edition

Awhile back, I wrote about microblading my eyebrows. While it hurt to have it done, I am glad I did it, especially now when bushier brows are in. Luckily, it only lasts about 2 years which is fine with me … Continue reading

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Starting Over

I’ve started over many times. Heck everyday is a new start, isn’t it? So what’s different about how I’m feeling today? Well, I’m decluttering the house. There’s nobody home so it’s just me and I’m on my own schedule. Eating … Continue reading

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All Alone

I was sipping my coffee when I decided to open the computer and saw the date. It’s my wedding unanniversary. I’ll admit I was dumbstruck for a moment. Because today felt different. I am at peace. I think that’s the … Continue reading

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An Interesting Evening…

Fast forward to 2 days before what would have been our wedding anniversary and the kids’ college tuition is due, a deadline that night which sets us all on edge because a) we’re talking about money and b) because kid … Continue reading

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8 Weeks Since OHS

It’s been 8 long weeks since open heart surgery. Time flies when you’re not motivated to do anything and the days just seem to slip by without you being aware of them. At least that’s been my experience. I’ve not … Continue reading

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Can It Be The Meds Or Me?

My brother acts like I’m lazy now that I’m 6 weeks since surgery. I’m not doing enough. He’s got to check to make sure I”m exercising (walking) and am doing as the dr. prescribed. Which I am doing by the … Continue reading

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I Dropped Off

I feel like I’ve been dropped off the face of the earth. As tired as I am from the surgery and subsequent painful healing, I don’t feel like myself anymore. I’m in this weird transition phase (for lack of a … Continue reading

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