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Nothing Left Unsaid

I have loved my first boyfriend for years, decades even if I’m honest. He was my first kiss and while we could never really be on the same page at the same time (couldn’t live with him, couldn’t live without … Continue reading

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All You Need Is Love

My friend Dwight posted here and he inspired me to spread the love. As a self-proclaimed Super Heroine I figured it was my duty to do as requested. Because, I agree. Our world needs more love in it. While I’ve … Continue reading

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Do You Believe In Mediums?

I don’t know about you, but I do believe that we can get messages from beyond this living plane through Mediums (and even directly from loved ones who have crossed). I have had some messages via finding pennies, feathers, having … Continue reading

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What Happens When You Die?

Ok, I guess I’m stuck with this theme for the moment…but here I am, wanting to know how you feel and sharing how I do. Thanks for all of your comments yesterday. I love to hear how others feel, think, … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace

My friend called me this morning. Usually we talk every afternoon, but when the phone rang before 10am, I wondered why. She let me know that when she woke up this morning, she found that her husband had passed during … Continue reading

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My Rom-Com Moment

A few years ago, I returned to Spain where I had lived while in college. Back then, I met a boy with whom I fell in love. We dated for a year while I was there. Briefly, I considered returning … Continue reading

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Falling In Love With Fall

I love Fall. I love how the leaves change colors and how it starts to get chilly at night. In the romantic images that have been running through my head lately, I am sitting outside around a fire pit watching … Continue reading

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Your Presence Is The Present You Give Your Kids

Parenting 101 especially after divorce most important tip: Be present with your kids. Listen. Take the time and stop what you’re doing so that they feel like you’re listening to them, you’re hearing what they’re telling you and they feel … Continue reading

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A Healing Poem I Found

my brain and heart divorced a decade ago over who was to blame about how big of a mess I have become eventually, they couldn’t be in the same room with each other now my head and heart share custody … Continue reading

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