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All You Need Is Love

My friend Dwight posted here and he inspired me to spread the love. As a self-proclaimed Super Heroine I figured it was my duty to do as requested. Because, I agree. Our world needs more love in it. While I’ve … Continue reading

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Saturday In The Park

This title just came to me and then I began singing that song…did it make you think of it too? Saturday In The Park by Chicago? Perhaps I’m showing my age…LOL Who’s kidding who? Of course, I’m showing my age…and … Continue reading

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Feeling Whimsical

I am not sad. I am not mad. I am only a wee bit disappointed. But you see that’s only part of it because I can look at the other side and know I’m free. Lately there seems to be … Continue reading

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Holding Out For A Hero

Do you remember that song by Bonnie Tyler? I remember hearing it in Footloose the movie with Kevin Bacon back in the 80’s and I also remembered hearing it in one of the Shrek movies too. Do you recognize it? … Continue reading

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Back On Tracks

I’ve been listening to music more lately. There was a time when I only listened to the radio in the car and because I wasn’t in the car often, I wasn’t listening to music. And I missed it. I didn’t … Continue reading

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And She Was

I woke up with that song in my head this morning. You know the one? And She Was by Talking Heads so I thought it would make a good title for a post. Have you ever been chatting with a … Continue reading

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Saturday Giggle

This one is for the ladies. Have you heard about the TikTok kid named Whiteyy18? He’s all over TikTok lip syncing 80’s tunes with an eye roll and a wink that well, let’s just say, reminds you of being in … Continue reading

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

I really like this song and I always have.  But when I read the lyrics, I mean, really read the lyrics, it’s sad.  But if you don’t concentrate on the lyrics and just sing un-mindfully, (is that a word?) there’s … Continue reading

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Holla If You Feel Like You’ve Been Down The Same Road

I don’t know whether it’s from the full moon last night or some astrological planetary alignment, but I’m being transformed, whether I like it or not.  And it’s unsettling at times and yet, there’s a spark of excitement.  A small … Continue reading

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