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I’m Back Again!

Did you miss me? I know I’ve missed all of you! I’m sorry I’ve not been writing more lately, but it’s been really busy here. Divorced parenting never stops even when the kids are in their early 20’s because they … Continue reading

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I Broke Up With My Hairdresser

So I broke up with my hairdresser which was hard.  I don’t particularly like change, but I felt like I needed to do something different.  I had been with the same stylist at the same salon for over five years … Continue reading

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Filling The Empty Cavity When He Leaves

Today’s prompt cavity  made me ache to write to you.  Because as ex-spouses or ex-partners, there’s a hole in our hearts after our loved one leaves.  It aches like a cavity and the pain that we feel within takes effort … Continue reading

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You Can’t Protect Yourself From Heartache

You can’t protect yourself from heartache.  It’s just not possible for most of us.  We can try to do everything right.  We can love with our whole hearts.  We can dedicate our days and nights to making our special partner/spouse … Continue reading

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Heart of the Matter

This song popped into my head other day and it reminded me of a time when I saw a friend’s son sing this song while I sat between his mom and dad who are divorced.  At the time, I was … Continue reading

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