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An Interesting Evening…

Fast forward to 2 days before what would have been our wedding anniversary and the kids’ college tuition is due, a deadline that night which sets us all on edge because a) we’re talking about money and b) because kid … Continue reading

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Your Presence Is The Present You Give Your Kids

Parenting 101 especially after divorce most important tip: Be present with your kids. Listen. Take the time and stop what you’re doing so that they feel like you’re listening to them, you’re hearing what they’re telling you and they feel … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day and if you’re a Mom, hopefully you’ve had some love come your way from your offspring!  And if your Mom is still here, then I hope you were able to show her some appreciation as well.  Because … Continue reading

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Single Parenting Older/Adult Kids

Thank you for reading yesterday’s post and thank you to all who took the time to comment and to share your experiences.  I can’t tell you how much better I feel after reading all that you wrote.  When I felt … Continue reading

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College Kids, Anxiety And What Can Happen

I’ve been asking for the past semester’s grades from my kid who left University and came home to the local community college in January.  He has anxiety and is on Lexapro.  He has some depression as well after the divorce.  … Continue reading

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Single Parenting College Kids With Anxiety

I don’t know if it’s some planetary alignment or just plain exhaustion lately, but I’m tired.  And yes, I slipped up so I need to get back on the quit wagon.  But I did make it 10 days without smoking … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You How I Feel

I told my college kid how I felt the other day.  It wasn’t easy, but it had to be said.  We’ve always had an incredibly honest relationship.  The unconditional love is there so at times, we’ve been more honest than … Continue reading

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How Divorce Affects College Bound Kids

I think that part of my homesick kid’s problem was the divorce.  It all started a few years ago when he was in high school, so he was home with me.  I thought we dealt with changes in the relationships … Continue reading

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Dirty The Nest

College bound kids dirty the nest.  At least that’s the phrase I’ve heard over and over.  Do you know what it means? Dirty the nest means they struggle for independence from you on their way out the door to college … Continue reading

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