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I’m Fine

It’s the kiss of death to hear someone say” I’m Fine.” At least for me because depending on how those two words are said, well, let’s just say there’s a world of difference! Of course we’ve all probably seen those … Continue reading

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Do You Believe In Mediums?

I don’t know about you, but I do believe that we can get messages from beyond this living plane through Mediums (and even directly from loved ones who have crossed). I have had some messages via finding pennies, feathers, having … Continue reading

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Gone Too Early

A classmate from high school passed away and through social media, we all learned of her passing. It was sudden, yet nobody seems to know the reason she died. And while I understand it’s none of anybody’s business, I still … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace

My friend called me this morning. Usually we talk every afternoon, but when the phone rang before 10am, I wondered why. She let me know that when she woke up this morning, she found that her husband had passed during … Continue reading

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Another Untold Story of Isolation

True Story – I’m sitting here waiting for my elder son to come home this morning.  I am trying to stay in a place of peace, but underneath I’m buzzing with so many emotions.  Anger, resentment, fear, grief, and uncertainty … Continue reading

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Untold Stories of Isolation

There have been a few friends whose stories I’ve been hearing that are heartbreaking.  For some, loved ones have passed away due to the Coronavirus.  Some others lost loved ones due to complications. even though the deceased hadn’t tested positive … Continue reading

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Checking In With You

I’m checking in with you.  How are you doing?  How’s your family?  Are you feeling stir crazy being home-bound?  Are you all healthy? Right at the base of my head, I have a headache.  I feel like I need to … Continue reading

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