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Kindness For Fido’s Family

My brother’s family has Covid even though they’re all vaxxed. Ten days after my brother’s first symptom, the dog got sick. You remember the dog, right? I pet sat Fido and Mr. Kitty a few months ago. Well, Fido’s not … Continue reading

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Tuesday With Mr. Kitty

Well, we’ve made it through another night together, Fido, Mr. Kitty and me. I was awakened before dawn by Mr. Kitty who was standing on my chest and energetically licking my face for me to get up. Seriously? Apparently breakfast … Continue reading

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Monday With Fido

I’m here at my brother’s home taking care of his dog Fido and Mr. Kitty while they’re away. We made it through Monday together pretty well. I think Fido and I have a little understanding. I stay within his view … Continue reading

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