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Masked Intentions

As if it weren’t enough with the vax vs not vax, additionally, there’s the mask compliant vs mask refusal. Goodness gracious, things are starting to swirl out of control around here. Let me set the scenario. I have a friend … Continue reading

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Parenting Through The Pandemic

Well, here we are with school-aged kids home.  None of us were expecting this, were we?  My college-aged kids are home for now although I’m not sure when or if they’ll return to university.  So far, one is on spring … Continue reading

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I Will NOT Give a Damn

I’ve been repeating like a mantra, I will not give a damn, over and over.  It’s not really working, but I am making a little headway.  You see, I just spent a bunch of time answering my Ex via email.  … Continue reading

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How To Let Go From Someone Who Knows

I will admit, I agonized over everything when my Ex left.  I tangled myself in thoughts and bereavement of the sudden leaving of my then husband of more than 20 years.  I swung emotionally to extremes – anger and hurt … Continue reading

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Ghoulish Delight?

I’m so not into ghoulish stuff like blood and gore or scary movies.  Even thriller books can give me the creeps.  I prefer to stay in the light and not in the darkness.  Poltergeist was the only scary movie I’ve … Continue reading

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Plans Change

Plans change, so take comfort in knowing that life is full of change. – Janie Leeds Do you ever wake up and wonder how did I get here?  Do you ever think, this isn’t where I planned to be?  Well, … Continue reading

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